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Week 74

Hello from the always gray Washington. We have had the same weather for like a week and a half. Gray skies and freezing temperatures. It’s all good though — does not bother me all that much. As long as it’s not windy then that is all that matters. The wind here can get out of control at times — like 50 to 60 MPH gusts all day. So yes we received our transfer call on Saturday. Elder Heldt is leaving. He is heading up to the Moses Lake area. I will be receiving an all star missionary named Elder Walton on Wednesday. He has been out about 6 or 7 months I think and is already a Zone Leader. Crazy stuff. He is going to be an awesome companion.

We had an awesome week this week. We had 3 investigators come to church this week!! We were so excited to see them. They all seemed to really enjoy it. Ras is one of the investigators we are working with. We had an awesome time with him a church. He really liked the 3rd hour because we all got in groups and were discussing some things. He liked what we all had to say. He was nodding his head which was a good thing to see. It will be only a matter of time before he fully accepts this gospel. We also had a few baptisms this week as a zone. We have had a good solid month for baptisms. We were able to see 2 more people this month get baptized which I think puts us at 6 so far for the month. We are shooting for a goal of 8 and I know that we have one more planned for the 31st of this month. We are so blessed here. So many good things are happening. We had ward conference this last week in one of the wards that we cover. It was good to have the stake come and speak. What I have learned is that the Tri-Cities have so many inspired leaders. This area is booming with the church. I hear that 15 percent of the population in the area are members of the church. So just about everyone here has talked with members of our church at one point. That is always good.

Earlier today I was studying in the 100th section of the Doctrine and Covenants. I was reading about teaching by the spirit, because that is what we are really focused on as a zone and I came across something that I really liked. In verses 5-8 it teaches us about an amazing promise that the Lord has given us. As long as we are living worthy of the spirit the Lord will give us what we need at the very hour and moment that we need it. We just need to stay committed to that prompting that we have received. When we are given a prompting we have no need to fear, the Lord has promised that we will not be confounded. That is my fear all the time. That when I share things people will say that I am wrong and will tell me this and that. I have no need to fear because the Lord is always on my side. He is also on your side as well. Be not ashamed nor afraid of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the way. Talk with your friends about it. Invite them to things.They will never regret accepting this gospel no matter how apprehensive they might be.

So I also learned today that Jesus Christ had brothers and sisters. That was something new to me. I liked it. You can read about it in Matthew 13. They appear a few times in the New Testament.

We were able to put some people on date for baptism this week! Heather was the first. She is a part member family and wants to learn more. I think I told you about them last week. She accepted a date to be baptized on March 1st. We are excited. That date will come up in no time at all I am sure. Since we have been talking to 10 people a day we have been able to find more people to teach. Our areas are slowly picking up and we are trying as hard as we can to help this work roll forward. We see the Lord out in front leading the way. We see his influence in our lives every day. We know this is truly the work of salvation. We were teaching a lesson a while back, and this has happened many times on my mission, a thought hit me of the reality of this work. I feel like when we come to this realization of how real this work is — how real this gospel is — how real our Savior is, it makes it so much easier to talk with everyone that we can. Now this is a really hard thing to do at times. I myself have often forgotten about this reoccurring thought but I know that as we pray for help, He will give us the help we need. He will give us what we desire. What knowledge we wish to receive.

It sounds to me that all is well at home. I’m happy to see that everyone is growing and progressing. Mom — I know its hard that I am gone — but just remember how much longer we have in this life and then in the next life — 2 years is just a blink of an eye.

When I teach and testify of Christ my soul is filled with joy. I love being a missionary. I know that this is the true church. Christ lives. This is The way.

Elder Hansen

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Week 73

This week has been a good one. We saw so many amazing things this week. We as a zone have been working hard to talk to at least ten people a day. We have been seeing more and more of the missionaries in the zone catch the fire and see how when they talk to ten people each day the Lord really does bring forth many mighty miracles. We were able to have some awesome lessons. We met with a lady named Heather last week. We asked some good questions and were able to get to know her really well. We taught her about the Restoration. She liked what we had to share. We feel that she knows it is true and at this point it is just a matter of accepting and willingness to change. She came to church yesterday as well. We are exited to see her accept and receive the gospel more and more. Her husband is a member and is coming back to church as well. I love helping families come back to church. It is always really rewarding.

We had a few exchanges this last week that went really well. I was able to help one of the members of our zone with some questions that he had. We are really striving to teach simply by the spirit. The missionaries in this zone are doing an awesome job trying to become better teachers. We even had specialized training this week with President and Sister Ware as well as the Assistants on that very topic again. While the Assistants were doing their training we all were pulled out to have an interview with President Ware. I finally got an interview with him for the first time — it was awesome! Every other time he has done interviews he has run out of time and we couldn’t meet.

In the interview we were able to talk about how the zone is doing, what companionships might need a little more attention and so on. It was awesome to talk with him one on one. He is such a loving man.  Very inspired and he really wants to help the mission reach its fullest potential. We talked about the future vision of the Richland Zone. We are really going to work on remembering our purpose as a missionary. We are excited to see what will happen this next coming up transfer. He also basically told Elder Heldt that at the end of the month he will be getting transferred because he has been here for about 6 months.

So after interviews Elder Heldt and I were able to go on an exchange with the Assistants. I was blessed to go with Elder Barham to my old area in Pasco. It was so cool to see my old area. We were able to teach a man by the name of Jesus. He was 20 years old and was really open to the gospel. We tried our best to teach simply by the spirit. It was one of the most powerful lessons on the mission. I will never forget it. The spirit was so strong. On a few occasions Jesus was feeling the spirit so much that he was bouncing up and down saying that all I need to do now is just read more of this book. He had already read the first three or so chapters of the Book of Mormon and was able to tell us almost exactly what happened. It was awesome. Elder Barham was asking amazing questions and we were able to help him see the importance of our Savior and coming to know him better. It was awesome.

So to answer your questions I think I want to live back at Somerset apartment in room 109! Jake is living their again and we are going to try and get the gang all back together.

We were tracting yesterday so that we could make sure and get our 10 oyms a day. We picked the worst time to do it though. It was in the last 5 minutes of the Seahawks game. Let me tell you we had some really weird reactions.  Everyone was watching the game and at one point the whole street went crazy as the clock ended and the team had won. We knocked on one door and the lady that answered was crying tears of joy that they were going to the big game in two weeks. I was busting up laughing the whole time just because of how much people are moved by the game of football. Never in my life have I cried over my team winning or losing. So it was a good experience.

Well I think that is all the news this week. Yes it was a good week.

Elder Hansen WKM

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Week 72

Hello From Richland,

This week has been full of awesome things. We have had some meetings, trainings and also some amazing miracles. This Wednesday we had a meeting with the Stake Presidents in the Richland and West Richland stake. It was awesome. We discussed the needs in the stakes and what we can do to help the work progress. It was cool because as a zone we had 5 people baptized last month and we are looking to have another awesome month as well. We discussed so many good things. We now have a good step forward and are looking forward to the many miracles.

So there is a member in one of the wards that we serve in that is a Chiropractor. I told him about my back and how it’s all out of wack all the time so he had me come in on Wednesday and get adjusted. What an experience that was. I have never had my body crack and bend in so many different places. I felt really good afterward. He then took us out to lunch that was cool as well. We are so blessed in this area. So many members are willing to help out in so many ways.

So on Saturday we got a call from some members in the ward and they said that they needed help with some friends that live on a little farm and have a bunch of horses. They said that they needed a bunch of hay moved and so we went to help them. Talk about time to cowboy up. We moved a bunch of hay up to the top part of this barn that they had. We then helped them muck all of the horse stalls. That was new for me. It was fun though. Elder Heldt was not having a fun time with it, he said that it is not his favorite thing in the world but he was a good trooper and held out anyways. After we were done with that the lady said that next time we come by to help we can talk about the Bible and stuff with her. We are excited to help out and help her receive the restored gospel.

So you know the picture of that guy I sent last week with Santa Claus in the background? Well he has a friend that lives with him named Ross. We have been trying to get ahold of him for quite a long time, but we haven’t been able to. So one night as we were planning, we felt like we needed to go and see them. We were a little worried because Larry is always an interesting visit. None the less we felt it and so we went over. We knocked on the door and low and behold Ross answers the door! Larry was at an appointment or something so we had a whole hour just with Ross. Ross was a refugee from Africa and has been living here in the United States for about 8 years or so. He lived in Florida for a while and just recently moved up here to find a job and get back up on his feet. We got to know him and he is an amazing guy. He knew that what we were saying is true! We taught him about the Restoration and about Joseph Smith. He felt the spirit so strong. He wants to start learning more. We are taking him on a church tour today. We are so blessed.

When Elder Ballard came to the mission he told us that if we talk to at least 10 people each day we will double the number of baptisms in the mission. As a zone we have been working hard to have everyone talk to 10 people each day. We are seeing some amazing things coming from this. We have a guy that just randomly showed up at church and want to get taught. We found Ross and also another guy named Kevin. We have been able to teach so many more people. It’s awesome. We are so blessed to be here. What I have learned this week more then ever before is that the Lord is truly out ahead of this work. He is preparing people left and right. I know that to be true. We just need to follow the guidance and counsel of the spirit and we will find the people that are elect. The ones that have been prepared.

So on other news, we really need to make sure that the Seahawks lose this next game. This football season has made it really hard for us to do work. I can’t believe people would use football as an excuse not to keep God’s commandments. There have been so many people who answer the door and then say that they are watching the game so they can’t talk. I don’t understand. So the sooner they lose the better in my opinion.

Oh I went on an exchange this last week out in a town called Benton City. It’s a little farm town and there are dogs everywhere. We almost got attacked by two big pit-bulls. That was an adventure. We then talk to a guy who had some very interesting ideas about life. He was kind to us though which was nice. We are not sure how the dogs got out of the fence. One minute they were on one side of the fence and then next they were charging toward us and we just used our bags to hold them away. Not a fun experience. Got to love being a missionary though. You always have good stories.

Oh so one of Elder Heldt’s favorite dinners is BBQ chicken and Mac and Cheese. So to be funny I went and told a bunch of people on the dinner calendar that he loves that food so I think 4 of the 7 dinners this last week where his favorite food. My goal is to have it the rest of the transfer with everyone who has signed up. I just laugh as he gets so excited when they tell us what we are having for dinner. Luckily there are many ways to make that dinner so I don’t get sick of it.

Well I think that is all the news I have this week. We have interviews with President Ware this week so I am looking forward to that. We also have some awesome things lined up so we hope to help a lot of people. I know that our Savior lives. I an so grateful for all that He has done for us. This work is real, this plan is real. Don’t let the world dull your senses of the spirit. Use the Atonement every day. I love you all

Elder Hansen WKM

Look what we found the other day. Made my night!

Look what we found the other day. Made my night!

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Week 71


It’s good to see that you are all having a fun time at Disney World. I bet Ella is loving being able to see all the animals and things like that. It sounds like your room is better then the last time you were there. I hope you get some good food. Got to love Disney food. It’s always the best. Have some good 50’s food while you are at it.

So this last week was awesome. We had MLC on Thursday it was amazing. I love getting fed. Spiritually of course. We learned about accountability in our responsibility.  We also learned more about effective planning. We are trying to help the mission see that they all play a role in the goals we set. We have been praying and striving to hit these goals. We just need to get it done and have the faith that everything will work out.

Oh so here is the weather that we have been dealing with the past few weeks.


So dinners have been awesome. We started off the New Year with one of my favorite familys in the wards that we serve in. They were so happy that they were the first dinner of the new year. They are the family that has the golden doodle. Here is what they look like:


So we have had some break through lessons with some of our investigators this last week. Elder Heldt and I are really happy with the way they are going. We had a lesson with the investigator who is really really smart. This time we brought another member with us so that he can meet some more people in the ward. We were able to talk to him about the plan of salvation a little more. It was a good experience. He thought about some things and we are praying that he will pray and get over his fear of coming to church. He was in the military and has some issues with big groups of people. Things like that.

We had a good lesson with a lady that we have been teaching for a little while yesterday. We were able to read the first chapter of the Book of Mormon with her and she said that she felt the spirit as we read. We were happy to see that. She committed to come to church on Sunday and we are taking her on a church tour tomorrow. Very excited for that one.

We met a new family the other day. We were able to talk to the dad for like an hour or so. We talked about the Book of Mormon. He had met with missionaries in the past, but then got deployed and so he is back now and ready to meet with us again. We are excited. We talked with him out in his work shop. While he was talking with us he was working on cleaning some assault riffles. That is what he does for the military. Weapon specialist. He gave us a tour of how they all work and the differences between a gas re-load and a spring re-load. He wants to meet with us this next week. It will be good to help his family receive the restored gospel.

Since it is the New Year, our times of church have changed. So Elder Heldt and I had a hard time remembering what meeting started at what time. We were running all over the building from meeting to meeting. It was funny. We were invited to go into the primary yesterday. I love going into the Primary because the kids all think that we are super hero’s and they got nuts. They primary had been collecting spare change all last year in a big jar. They wanted to help the missionary effort by saving up the money and then giving it to the missionaries. They were happy to see us and we explained what we do with the money that we are given. It was a fun experience.

So, I need you all do to me a favor. There is a board game that I have fallen in love with here. It is called Settlers of Catan. You need to get that game, learn how to play it, so that whenever I get home, we can all play it. Okay.

So I love this gospel so much. I know that its true. Its the most important thing ever. I have fallen in love with the scriptures more and more every day. I know that my Savior lives. I am so thankful for how much this gospel has blessed our family. Look at all the things that we have been given. We need to remember and be thankful for all the things that we have been given. That is something that I struggle with at times and am striving to be better at these things. I know that as we keep the commandments and do the little things each day we will always be able to feel the spirit in our lives. This is somthing that I have learned on my mission. Happiness=Spirit=acting in faith. When we act in faith and be obedient, we are blessed with the spirit, the spirit then makes us happy. I know this to be true.

Elder Hansen

P.S. Hope you like the pictures. Finally got a card reader that works.


Happy Birthday

This is a less active guy we work with named Larry. I have a lot of stories to tell you about sometime. He makes us laugh so much.

This is a less active guy we work with named Larry. I have a lot of stories to tell you about sometime. He makes us laugh so much.

I have found my new calling in life. I am going to be a sports broadcaster. My new name is Cheat Hansen. I like to do the play by play for P Day ball. It's fun.

I have found my new calling in life. I am going to be a sports broadcaster. My new name is Cheat Hansen. I like to do the play by play for P Day ball. It’s fun.


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