Week 72

14 Jan

Hello From Richland,

This week has been full of awesome things. We have had some meetings, trainings and also some amazing miracles. This Wednesday we had a meeting with the Stake Presidents in the Richland and West Richland stake. It was awesome. We discussed the needs in the stakes and what we can do to help the work progress. It was cool because as a zone we had 5 people baptized last month and we are looking to have another awesome month as well. We discussed so many good things. We now have a good step forward and are looking forward to the many miracles.

So there is a member in one of the wards that we serve in that is a Chiropractor. I told him about my back and how it’s all out of wack all the time so he had me come in on Wednesday and get adjusted. What an experience that was. I have never had my body crack and bend in so many different places. I felt really good afterward. He then took us out to lunch that was cool as well. We are so blessed in this area. So many members are willing to help out in so many ways.

So on Saturday we got a call from some members in the ward and they said that they needed help with some friends that live on a little farm and have a bunch of horses. They said that they needed a bunch of hay moved and so we went to help them. Talk about time to cowboy up. We moved a bunch of hay up to the top part of this barn that they had. We then helped them muck all of the horse stalls. That was new for me. It was fun though. Elder Heldt was not having a fun time with it, he said that it is not his favorite thing in the world but he was a good trooper and held out anyways. After we were done with that the lady said that next time we come by to help we can talk about the Bible and stuff with her. We are excited to help out and help her receive the restored gospel.

So you know the picture of that guy I sent last week with Santa Claus in the background? Well he has a friend that lives with him named Ross. We have been trying to get ahold of him for quite a long time, but we haven’t been able to. So one night as we were planning, we felt like we needed to go and see them. We were a little worried because Larry is always an interesting visit. None the less we felt it and so we went over. We knocked on the door and low and behold Ross answers the door! Larry was at an appointment or something so we had a whole hour just with Ross. Ross was a refugee from Africa and has been living here in the United States for about 8 years or so. He lived in Florida for a while and just recently moved up here to find a job and get back up on his feet. We got to know him and he is an amazing guy. He knew that what we were saying is true! We taught him about the Restoration and about Joseph Smith. He felt the spirit so strong. He wants to start learning more. We are taking him on a church tour today. We are so blessed.

When Elder Ballard came to the mission he told us that if we talk to at least 10 people each day we will double the number of baptisms in the mission. As a zone we have been working hard to have everyone talk to 10 people each day. We are seeing some amazing things coming from this. We have a guy that just randomly showed up at church and want to get taught. We found Ross and also another guy named Kevin. We have been able to teach so many more people. It’s awesome. We are so blessed to be here. What I have learned this week more then ever before is that the Lord is truly out ahead of this work. He is preparing people left and right. I know that to be true. We just need to follow the guidance and counsel of the spirit and we will find the people that are elect. The ones that have been prepared.

So on other news, we really need to make sure that the Seahawks lose this next game. This football season has made it really hard for us to do work. I can’t believe people would use football as an excuse not to keep God’s commandments. There have been so many people who answer the door and then say that they are watching the game so they can’t talk. I don’t understand. So the sooner they lose the better in my opinion.

Oh I went on an exchange this last week out in a town called Benton City. It’s a little farm town and there are dogs everywhere. We almost got attacked by two big pit-bulls. That was an adventure. We then talk to a guy who had some very interesting ideas about life. He was kind to us though which was nice. We are not sure how the dogs got out of the fence. One minute they were on one side of the fence and then next they were charging toward us and we just used our bags to hold them away. Not a fun experience. Got to love being a missionary though. You always have good stories.

Oh so one of Elder Heldt’s favorite dinners is BBQ chicken and Mac and Cheese. So to be funny I went and told a bunch of people on the dinner calendar that he loves that food so I think 4 of the 7 dinners this last week where his favorite food. My goal is to have it the rest of the transfer with everyone who has signed up. I just laugh as he gets so excited when they tell us what we are having for dinner. Luckily there are many ways to make that dinner so I don’t get sick of it.

Well I think that is all the news I have this week. We have interviews with President Ware this week so I am looking forward to that. We also have some awesome things lined up so we hope to help a lot of people. I know that our Savior lives. I an so grateful for all that He has done for us. This work is real, this plan is real. Don’t let the world dull your senses of the spirit. Use the Atonement every day. I love you all

Elder Hansen WKM

Look what we found the other day. Made my night!

Look what we found the other day. Made my night!

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