Week 73

21 Jan

This week has been a good one. We saw so many amazing things this week. We as a zone have been working hard to talk to at least ten people a day. We have been seeing more and more of the missionaries in the zone catch the fire and see how when they talk to ten people each day the Lord really does bring forth many mighty miracles. We were able to have some awesome lessons. We met with a lady named Heather last week. We asked some good questions and were able to get to know her really well. We taught her about the Restoration. She liked what we had to share. We feel that she knows it is true and at this point it is just a matter of accepting and willingness to change. She came to church yesterday as well. We are exited to see her accept and receive the gospel more and more. Her husband is a member and is coming back to church as well. I love helping families come back to church. It is always really rewarding.

We had a few exchanges this last week that went really well. I was able to help one of the members of our zone with some questions that he had. We are really striving to teach simply by the spirit. The missionaries in this zone are doing an awesome job trying to become better teachers. We even had specialized training this week with President and Sister Ware as well as the Assistants on that very topic again. While the Assistants were doing their training we all were pulled out to have an interview with President Ware. I finally got an interview with him for the first time — it was awesome! Every other time he has done interviews he has run out of time and we couldn’t meet.

In the interview we were able to talk about how the zone is doing, what companionships might need a little more attention and so on. It was awesome to talk with him one on one. He is such a loving man.  Very inspired and he really wants to help the mission reach its fullest potential. We talked about the future vision of the Richland Zone. We are really going to work on remembering our purpose as a missionary. We are excited to see what will happen this next coming up transfer. He also basically told Elder Heldt that at the end of the month he will be getting transferred because he has been here for about 6 months.

So after interviews Elder Heldt and I were able to go on an exchange with the Assistants. I was blessed to go with Elder Barham to my old area in Pasco. It was so cool to see my old area. We were able to teach a man by the name of Jesus. He was 20 years old and was really open to the gospel. We tried our best to teach simply by the spirit. It was one of the most powerful lessons on the mission. I will never forget it. The spirit was so strong. On a few occasions Jesus was feeling the spirit so much that he was bouncing up and down saying that all I need to do now is just read more of this book. He had already read the first three or so chapters of the Book of Mormon and was able to tell us almost exactly what happened. It was awesome. Elder Barham was asking amazing questions and we were able to help him see the importance of our Savior and coming to know him better. It was awesome.

So to answer your questions I think I want to live back at Somerset apartment in room 109! Jake is living their again and we are going to try and get the gang all back together.

We were tracting yesterday so that we could make sure and get our 10 oyms a day. We picked the worst time to do it though. It was in the last 5 minutes of the Seahawks game. Let me tell you we had some really weird reactions.  Everyone was watching the game and at one point the whole street went crazy as the clock ended and the team had won. We knocked on one door and the lady that answered was crying tears of joy that they were going to the big game in two weeks. I was busting up laughing the whole time just because of how much people are moved by the game of football. Never in my life have I cried over my team winning or losing. So it was a good experience.

Well I think that is all the news this week. Yes it was a good week.

Elder Hansen WKM

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