Week 75

04 Feb


Elder Walton is the best missionary ever. He does everything right — it’s out of control. He has been out 7 months or so and is a stud of a missionary. He was born in Japan, then when he was 7 his family moved to Georgia USA. So he has the funniest accent ever. Half the words he says sounds like a person from Japan would say and the rest is with a little bit of southern in it. It makes me laugh when members meet him for the first time and they can’t understand him when he says where he is from. He went to BYU before he came out and he is going to be a nurse practitioner.  We are having a blast together. He is the Asian persuasion that is sweeping the nation. It’s been a crazy week dealing with transfers and what not. Having to run missionaries here and there. By the end of the week we were spent. It is always so good to feel that way as a missionary. When you work hard, you are always filled with joy. We have seen some amazing miracles this week — we are so happy about them.  As you all know by now the Seahawks won the Superbowl. We were out when the game ended and the city erupted in illegal fireworks. People were yelling and it was crazy. So its over now and everyone can go back to their normal lives . . . Then March Madness will come and we will see what happens then.

Okay time for the miracles. Elder Walton and I were walking down the street doing some door knocking. We knocked on a door and a man opens the door. He talks to us for like 2 seconds and then invites us in. My main reaction was okay who is this member that I have yet to meet. We run into that all time. Sometimes they are less active members that have been hiding from the church and are now found, which is always funny. He asks us to sit down and asks if we would like some water. I say yes, and he gets us some water. He then asked if we do a lot of work inside homes, because he knows that we do work outside because apparently missionaries had helped them with some yard work years ago. We told him we could help him with whatever he needed us to do. He said he didn’t need anything and we started to get to know each other. After a while we decided to ask him a few questions and then tell him our purpose as missionaries. We had a good talk. He was a funny guy.  He asked us a question that I have gotten a few times on the mission that most of the time I hate because it’s usually in a bashing form, but he sincerely wanted to know the answer. He askedus that if God can do anything can he make a boulder that is too heavy for him to lift. I laughed at the question and we thought about it for a second. We decided to give it our best shot, but in the end we just told him to ask God himself because he could answer it better then we ever could. He liked that answer. I am excited to see what he says. We then started talking about who God is and how he really loves us. He mentioned how his wife was very angry at God because they lost a kid when he was 6 months old. We felt impressed to then teach him more about the Plan of Salvation. It was a very spiritual lesson. We are planning on going back tonight and teaching him more. It’s amazing what we are blessed with.

Next awesome story. We were tracting yesterday and came across a family who lived in another ward but they were a part member family. We were so excited because they gave us time to talk and get to know them. We were able to teach them about how they are needed back at church and the blessings that follow. The spirit was felt. We let the Sisters know that we have a family that they can go and see.  The gospel will really bless their lives.

So to answer your question — I know sister Harris. She was in my zone in Kennewick. When I found out where she lived I asked her if she knew the family and she couldn’t remember. I told her that you were born there and what not.

So you got rain yesterday! That truly is a miracle.  We even had members here fasting for the rain in California. So I am so happy to see the Lord answer the prayers of all the faithful Saints down in California.

It’s crazy to think that you are getting the house ready to sell. It doesn’t feel real to me that it’s really happening soon. It’s going to be a big change that is for sure — going to the flattest place ever. I am a little worried that Midget is going to get eaten by an alligator because the house you will be living in is right on a lake. Crazy.

We were invited to go to a meeting with new missionaries and their trainers this last week. These meetings are always good because President Ware does an amazing job teaching us about different things. It’s also fun to help the new missionaries learn to talk to people in many different situations. They always are a little nervous, but they always end up doing a good job. One of the new missionaries came up to me at the break of the meeting and told me that he found my blog the moment that he found out he was heading here and said that he had read everything. Ha I found it funny. I feel like I say the same thing every week. I guess I helped him get excited so that was cool.

So it’s kind of funny actually. Their are 8 people in the ward that we serve in that served in Japan on their mission. Plus President Ware. It’s crazy to me. Some of them came up and talked to Elder Walton about Japan. Most of them forgot the language and so they couldn’t talk all that much. It was still really funny to see.

Well, time is short, I love you all. Don’t forget to read and pray and start your day in a spiritual way!!

Elder Hansen WKM

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