Week 76

11 Feb

Elder Walton and I are both calling this email… footprints in the snow… a knock off version of the famous footprints in the sand poem that is quoted at least 20 times a year in sacrament meeting. We got a good amount of snow this last week. It was quite an experience to say the least. It was really refreshing to tell you to truth. We were able to shovel the snow and help many people. But more of that later I need to start at the beginning.

This month we saw on the calendar that we had some training from Salt Lake. None of us knew what that meant. We were all curious. So come to find out that we had 2 people from the missionary head quarters in Salt Lake City Utah come to look over and see how the mission is doing. So on Tuesday night we get a call from the Assistants. They started asking really strange questions on how our Wednesday night was looking — if we had any appointments and how solid they were. Very concerning questions no doubt. Then then told us the next day we were going to have one of these men from Salt Lake come out with us and work with us the rest of the evening. We instantly were freaking out. We were talking about how this guy is going to think we are the worst missionaries ever and all this and that. Needless to say we were very nervous. The next day we just counted down the hours up to the “day of reckoning”. So the time comes and we drive to the mission home to go and pick up our friend. We open the door and are greeted by President and Sister Ware, and then the two men. Instantly Japanese was being thrown around the room first by President, then by Elder Walton and then by the man who was coming out with us. His name was Brother Mills. President Ware introduced and explained what we were doing and we were off to go to missionary work. We got to know Brother Mills that night. Just to let you know, he is in charge of all the operations for ALL of the international MTCs. He served his first and second mission in Japan as a mission president. He was taller then me and so me and Elder Walton were both really nervous, but it turned out that he was the nicest man ever.  He was really supportive and actually gave some really good comments in lessons we had that night. He knew the scriptures like the back of his hand and he was awesome. That night we had some good lessons and taught one of our investigators who is on date for baptism. We talked about the Word of Wisdom and she was already living it so it was not a problem at all. We were really excited about that. We then went and taught a less active lady and had a really nice lesson and a very spiritual experience reading from the Book of Mormon.  He then joined us for our planning for the next day and then the next day came back and had companion study with us. We talked about our investigators and how we could help them. He had some really good insight. He really knew his stuff. So all and all it was an amazing blessing to be chosen to have him come along. We learned a lot. It was awesome.

So Friday we had MLC. Brother mills was there as well teaching us as a leadership how we can help our investigators really progress. It was awesome the spirit was there and we learned a lot. We talked about how we need to teach to the commitment that we are going to leave them, because that is what is really going to build their faith in Christ. It does not really matter what we say, because the spirit is the real teacher, and when they act in faith that is how they gain the testimony of things. So we need to stop worrying so much on how perfect we taught and what not, we need to worry more about if they understood why they need to keep the commitment that we gave them. It was a very good learning experience. President and Sister Ware are awesome. They are so inspired and really look forward to helping us in any way. We feel their love all the time.

So on Thursday it was cloudy outside, we had meeting with the district leaders in preparation for MLC and then we all went to lunch. During lunch little white flakes of frozen rain started falling to the ground. And didn’t stop for the rest of the day and into the night and then the next day. We got a fair bit of snow. It was really fun actually. Two kids who live in the warm parts of the country, with little to any snow experience, driving around a city that does not handle snow very well. Let’s just say it was a new thing to be driving in the snow but we learned real quick and were on our way. It kept snow each night and on Saturday night it snowed a lot apparently. Granted I really have no idea what a lot of snow is but apparently it was enough that the Stake President canceled church. That is right — we did not have church yesterday because there was snow on the ground. It sucked really. I hate not being able to take the sacrament each week. Oh how much I need it. We then received a voice mail from President that talked about how we should spend this time in peaceful remembrance of our Savior and go out and help our investigators with what they might need. So we went and tried to make contact with all of our investigators and help remove all the snow off of their driveway. We were able to help about 3 of our investigators and they all insisted on feeding us hot chocolate when we were done. So we had a lot of hot chocolate yesterday. It was fun to help people and build the trust of members. We are always on the look out to help anyone we can. By the end of last night we were both feeling tired because of all the snow that we moved. It was a good day. I am also glad that I still had my snow boots that I have lugged around my whole mission. I have thought many times that I need to send them home because I don’t need them. I guess I did.

Well I think I have rambled on enough. I am glad all is well at home. I love the Doctrine of Christ mom. It’s my favorite thing to talk about. Read 2 nephi 31. It’s the best.

Elder Hansen WKM

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