Week 79

03 Mar

Well this week was awesome. It went a little something like this. Monday we went on exchanges with the Assistants. I stayed in my area. We wanted to talk to people and find some new people to teach. So we prayed and decided to tract a place I had not yet been to. We felt like that was a good place to find so that is what we did. It was getting late and we were worried that we were bothering people. We felt like we should keep going though. So we talked to a Baptist guy who was not all that excited to hear our message but was somewhat nice. Talked to a lady who was acting as kind as she could but we could tell that she wanted to try and prove us wrong. Elder Barham,the Assistant I was with, was really good at talking about things that we both believed and keeping the peace. We then went on and talked to a few more people. We then walked up to a house with a truck that had a Bronco’s sticker on the back. I thought he was a brave man for being in Seahawk country. We knocked on the door and the wife answers the door. She was nice but told us she was putting kids to bed and that now was not a good time to talk. So we felt bad about disturbing but felt impressed to ask if there was anything that we could do to help. She told us to pray for her husband who just had surgery. We then saw her husband coming to the door on crutches. We talked and got to know him a little bit as well. He then invited us in and we were able to talk to him for about 30 minutes or so. It was awesome. He was open to learn a little more and wanted us to come back. We taught him the Restoration and about the Book of Mormon. He was a little iffie on the  Book of Mormon but we will work on that when it comes. We set up a return appointment and had 2 new people to teach. It truly was a miracle. It’s so cool to see things like that take place.

So the next amazing thing that happened this week was we were able to have some really good lessons with a lot of our investigators. We feel so blessed because we get to help them come closer to Christ. Later in the week we got a call from a family who we worked with in the past but did not really go anywhere and we lost contact with them. We got a call from one of the fellowships to the family and they had made a huge breakthrough. Their daughters were planning on going to the temple but one of them was not able to find their temple recommend. So they decided that they were just going to have a picnic on the temple ground and as they were getting ready for that the family we had worked with in the past walked by. They decided to invite them to come along and they did. The youngest daughter to the family is not a member and is 11. When they got to the temple they talked about what goes on in the temple and she felt the spirit and she said that she wanted to give the church another try. They called us up and set up a time to meet with them. They came to church yesterday and then after church we had a really good lesson. She soaked up everything like a sponge and loved every minute of it. She is now getting baptized on the 22nd of March. We are really excited. It was a miracle sent by the Lord there is no doubt about that. We have been so blessed.

Last night we had a lesson with an investigator who is quite interesting but is fun to teach at the same time. He wants to be a multi-Trillion-air. . .  He believes that he can do it. I guess it could be possible but anyways — he is really smart. He knows a lot about the church because he has cousins in the church. Last time we met he talked all about economics and how he is going to be a multi-trillion-air and left us no time to talk. He promised us this time he would let us talk so we were able to talk about the Restoration. We asked like 2 questions to him and them he went off about how he believes that the Bible can not possibly contain all the truth and then he went on to teach us all about the great apostasy and things like that. He basically then went on to tell us that he believes we must go to God to find the answer and things like that. Elder Walton Matt (his fellowshipper) and I were freaking out because he already knew so much. He has really been prepared to receive the gospel. He wants to meet again and we are going to talk about how the church has been restored by the prophet Joseph Smith. It will be awesome to see what he thinks about that.

This week I have been learning a lot about how we need to rely on the Lord for help and that sometimes we think that we can do so many different things and then end up burning ourselves out. We need to do what we can and then trust that the Lord will take care of the rest. I love our Savior so much. I know that it’s through him that we are saved. I love this gospel. I love teaching it. I know that He lives and that he loves each of us. We just need to believe him and also believe in him. There is a difference.

Maddy! You are going to love BYUI!!! I secretly wanted you to come up to BYUI.  It will be a blessing to you in so many ways. The Lord has a plan for you! Trust in Him and his plan. There are things that the Lord needs you to do here at school. People that you can touch and people that will touch you in many different ways. I invite you to pray if you haven’t already for understanding of this plan. Pray for help and guidance on how you can help others and make it out on top. This will be the final place of where you can really prepare for your mission. I know that it is true. The temple is so close you can go each week. You have amazing devotionals ahead and fun activities. Plus I will be there. So learn form my bad choice and take advantage of family while they are at school. We will be best friends. It will be awesome. Plus you will have all your friends there as well. Don’t live with them though. Branch out and make new ones. I have seen when friends who live together and how they ended up. It most of the time does not work out. But it’s all up to you really. Get involved as well. Take time to do all you can — to learn all you can. You will do great. This is such an amazing time to be a missionary so get prepped now. Study Preach My Gospel and other things.

Elder Hansen WKM.

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