Week 80

10 Mar

This week has been rewarding on a number of levels. We had an awesome MLC this last week. We discussed so many good things and our big focus for this transfer coming up is using the book of Mormon in every teaching opportunity. We felt the spirit so strong as we discussed the things that we can do to incorporate it into everything that we do. We had some amazing testimony’s from some departing missionaries as well. They talked about the things that they learned and the things that had such a powerful effect on their lives as missionaries. It was so amazing. It always feels like the final testimony’s in the book of Mormon. Teaching what they know and having the spirit teach so much as well. So elder Snow has been the assistant to the president for like 10 months now or something crazy like that. He was just released this last week. He was asked to give his testimony as well. He and I have been through a lot this past few years. Him and I were both in tears and we felt the spirit. He talked about the amazing things that we have had happen as a mission and how excited he is to be going back to lift from the base of the mission. At the end of the meeting we always stand and sing “if you could hie to colob.” There was not a dry eye in the room. I love those meetings. They are always so full of the spirit and really filling. Its always good to get fed by the spirit. Elder Walton and I received the message that we are staying together this next transfer!! We are both so pumped about that. We have a lot of good things going on. We have a baptism on the 22 and a few in the works for the next few weeks as well. We are so blessed. The zone we are apart of is doing well president saw no need in splitting us up because of that. Of course he took it up with the Lord on that matter. He felt that we needed to stay and help what is going on.

We had a lot of good lessons this last week. We have been working with our investigator who is on date for the 22! She is coming along real well! She love the gospel and all that is left is a few small things we need to teach her and the baptismal interview. We are excited to see all this go down. We were invited on Tuesday to go and help with another ward they were having a MTC night and we were invited to help teach about how we can grow charity and love enough to share the gospel. It was awesome. We talked about how we develop charity and love and what holds us back from sharing the gospel with our friends. The main response was not knowing the answers to the questions they ask and also they fear sharing the gospel for a number of reasons. We know that when we develop charity and love it will concur all fear and doubt. We read in Moroni 7;48 that we are giving charity and love after we pray for it will all energy of heart and we become true followers of Jesus Christ that we will be given that charity and love. We talked about what it takes to be a true follower of Jesus Christ. We were able to make a really good list, now the youth need to make the commitment to be true followers of Jesus Christ. It will be awesome to see what will come from the things we taught. Really the spirit taught.

We had a few investigators come to church this last week. We were happy they came, but we were a little worried about what was being taught in elders quorum. I am not a fan of speculation and talking about things that don’t really matter while there is an investigator there. The elders quorum had a little bit of a heated discussion about faith that went in many weird directions. So a word of advice, When you are asked to teach a lesson, teach what you are asked to teach, and nothing more. Ha I know you do that but help others do the same. I wish that everyone would teach simply because there are also people who are coming back to church that still need it simple so that they can understand. I always feel the spirit when things are taught simply and the scriptures are used to help with that. I am so greatful for the scriptures and the things that we can learn form them. One things that the mission is starting up op is reading the book of Mormon in 80 days. We are all getting ready to see what we are going to learn form them.

So do you remember that investigator I told you about that wants to be a multi trillionair? We had another awesome lesson with him this last week. We left him a restoration pamphlet last time we met and he read the whole thing and understood it! He agreed with a lot of things. We hope he reads the book of mormon now so that he can feel the spirit and know that it is true.

We had a little bit more snow this last week but for the most part its been getting warmer. We see people outside more getting ready for spring to hit. The grass is starting to become greener. Its nice. We are excited to have the weather become better. Well I think that is all the news for this week

Elder Hansen WKM.

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