Week 81

18 Mar

Thank you so much for the help on this matter ha. So do you know when I sign up for classes? I have been thinking about school every now and then. I know my end goal is to get a masters degree in something. Either a MBA or something similar. I know that will help because you can’t really be competitive without it anymore. I know that there are a lot of ways to get there and I have a long way to go so I am not making anything permanent by any means. Just want some sort of direction to go from is all. So another class I have to take is Math 108. So add that to the class list. But enough about that stuff for the day.

Sounds like life has been very crazy as you have been hopping back and forth for one side of the country to the other and getting the house all ready to go. It won’t be too long before that is all over and you all are in the new home. Change, though hard, will be good for the family. It’s always a good time to recommit to serving our Savior in many different ways. We have had a crazy week this last week. We had transfers, Stake Correlation Meeting, Zone Training Meeting and a Zone Leadership Council meeting. It was awesome to see how blessed we were. Everything went smooth and all the missionaries were put where they were meant to go. We received a few new missionaries in the zone as well. So we were able to have a very effective and spiritual Zone Training Meeting. We talked about the goals we have set and also about how to incorporate the Book of Mormon into every teaching opportunity that we are given. Here is something that I have learned this week. So we read that when Lehi had his vision he saw Jesus and his 12 disciples descending. They came up to him and gave him a book and asked that he read it. He then read it and his mind was full and he began to receive much revelation and prophecy. Later after they had left Jerusalem they are asked to go back and retrieve the brass plates. They eventually get the plates and now know the commandments they are to keep and the genealogy of his family and such. I learned that the Lord always works through books. That he requires all his prophets and followers to record the things that they do and the prophecy and revelation that they receive. This is so that we as children of God can always have and know what we must do in this life to find happiness and eternal life and exaltation in the life to come. So the Book of Mormon was no different. When the Lord called Joseph Smith to be a prophet it was no surprise that he asked him to bring forth a Book that was pure and had the gospel in it. It just made me more grateful for the things that I have been given. We have been given a challenge in the mission to read the Book of Mormon in 80 days. It’s good but always kind of gives me a little stress. Most of the time when I read It takes me sometimes a few days to finish a chapter because I break it down and truly try and understand what Heavenly Father wants me to learn this time from the scriptures. None the less it’s been a good experience. Elder Walton and I are in the same place and we read one chapter together every day. We just finished Jacob. What an amazing book that is. I love the final testimony that he gives. It’s all about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have felt impressed to read this time with the idea of how does the Book of Mormon help my investigators come closer to Jesus Christ. An interesting thing is that the Book of Mormon on average mentions Jesus Christ every 1.7 verses.

We had an awesome week teaching wise. We were able to have the baptismal interview for our investigator getting baptized in 6 days! She passed with flying colors. She was ready before we even taught her. We are excited to see how this Saturday turns out because there are 4 baptisms that day. This transfer is going to be a good one for baptisms for the zone. We had one this last week, 3 this weekend and a few more down the road. We have truly seen the promise from Elder Ballard come to pass. This last transfer we had a total of 94 baptisms as a mission. The most we have ever seen. We are so excited to see what will come this next transfer as well. We had another lesson with the Multi Trillion-air. He is coming along well actually. We were able to finish teaching him about the restoration. We talked about Joseph Smith and about the Book of Mormon. We gave him a chapter to read and we know that if he really reads it, then he will know that it’s true. He always tells us that if he were to join a church it would be this one. So we need to help him make the final step. He always has funny things he says as well. He went on a 20 minute rant about how he feels like the people in times of the bible did not have as much stress as we do. They only had to worry about finding food and things like that for their family. They didn’t have to worry about paying bills, getting gas in the car and so forth. It was funny because he said all they had to do was just hop on the camel and go where you needed to go stress free. To be honest I don’t think I could agree with that but it made for a good laugh. He is really a good friend at this point so we just keep making baby steps with him and all will fall into place with him.

A lot of the members are really stepping up to the plate and helping us with missionary work. We had a family invite their friends over for dinner and we were able to teach them about he restoration. It was awesome. They had awesome questions. The spirit was so strong. We talked about the Book of Mormon and they said that they were going to start reading it. We are excited because they were so open to learning more. I know the Book of Mormon is true. The book helps me in so many ways. Any time I feel like life is getting hard and not what I read from that book and it always brings me comfort. My problems and troubles are always swallowed up in the Joy of Christ. We had 2 awesome lessons with our investigator who is 11  years old. She is so smart. They came to church yesterday and she told us what she learned at church and she taught be a few things I didn’t know. She was learning about Abraham and she told us the whole story. It was awesome. We talked about the 10 commandments. She loves it.

I love you all. I am so grateful for all the blessings. There are so many miracles that happen every day. I am so happy to be a missionary.

Elder Hansen

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