Week 83

31 Mar

So the past few weeks the Candy Mountain ward has been planning its annual Ward Carnival! Since we have been in Ward Counsel we have been getting more and more excited each week. So this week it happened. Elder Walton and I tried as hard as we could to win a gold fish but we just could not get it done. It was really hard to get 3 ping pong balls in the small bowls that they were in. The sad thing is — it was possible because we saw a lot of little kids walk away with the fish and we came out empty handed. We won a lot of different games though. So I guess we were okay. We were able to have a lot of the people we are working with go to that as well. They seemed to have had a lot of fun.

One of our investigators has a 2 year old daughter who had a blast eating cotton candy and popcorn and wining candy so we feel that was the best part. They also came to Sacrament Meeting this last week and she was able to go to Primary and what not and loved that as well. It made it easier for her dad to want to come to church. It was a good experience. We also had our investigator from Africa come to church with us as well. He brought his less active roommate with him that I thought would never come to church. He had an awesome time as well. He has been working with the Ward Employment specialist to find a solid job. The Ward Employment specialist  bore his testimony and told the whole ward that there was an awesome man sitting with the missionaries and that they should meet him some time. I was a little worried that he said that just because I didn’t want to scare him off but it did the opposite. He loved it and the ward kind of rallied around him. So he now is know by most everyone in the ward which is good. Now we need to help him quit smoking and then he can get baptized. Let’s pray that he will be able to do it. We had a good lesson with our investigator who is on date for baptism as well. She is doing awesome. We only have 1 more thing to teach really then she can be interviewed and then the baptism. I hope nothing comes up last minute that would stop them from coming. I doubt anything will. We are always praying.

We went on exchanges this last week. I went to another area and was able to get back to the roots of missionary work. WALKING. I actually really liked walking and I still do. You get to talk with way more people and help them with anything and everything.  The down side is it’s hard to get see as many people in the day that you would if when you have a car. We were able to interview one of their investigators for baptism. He has an amazing story. The missionaries were tracting one day and had a very strong impression that they needed to knock on this one door. So they did and the baptismal candidate answered the door and and said, “You are an answer to my prayers and I have been trying to find you Elders. I want to take the lessons and get baptized!” So it’s one of those awesome stories. He was so happy when he got baptized yesterday. He was pumped and was laughing out of happiness like the whole time it was good.

Here is a story for you. So usually in a baptismal program after the ordinance and while they are changing we have what’s called a “time of reverence.” We show a video about the gospel or teach a lesson, something along those lines.  So the Elders forget to ask us to prepare something. Then after the baptism one of the Elders came up to us and asked if we had prepared something to do for that. His companion said that we would have something to show. We were a little caught off gaurd but we got up and taught everyone about the gospel of Jesus Christ and read out of 2 Nephi 31. It was so funny. We were really winging it that is for sure. But it turned out really well.

Well, I guess that is all the news for this week. We are pumped for General Conference. It’s Super Bowl Sunday for missionaries.

Sorry it’s a short one.

Elder Hansen WKM

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