Week 84

07 Apr

I guess you did not catch the amazing news this last weekend!! PRESIDENT GREER GOT CALLED TO BE AN AREA 70!!!!!  When they called his name I was jumping for joy and I was so happy. I love President Greer. He is going to be an amazing leader in the church and he has really changed my life in so many ways. I was so happy to see all the missionaries that still remember him just as happy as well. It’s so awesome.

I loved every minute of conference. I don’t even know where to begin. Well I loved Elder Holland’s talk. I have felt in a very similar way to what those sisters have felt. One thing that I have learned from my mission is truly how to love people no matter what they do and who they are. We were talking with one of the ward mission leaders that we work with and we loved how the brethren are always so unified on helping others make the right decision no matter what the worlds “standards” are.   I have had those thoughts my whole mission. It’s been amazing to see how when we follow the spirit we are blessed in so many ways. That is something that I have been really working on. I came with a question of how can I better follow the promptings of the spirit. It takes a lot of faith to do that. It’s what we do as a missionaries all day long. The Doctrine and Covenants tells us that we cannot teach unless we have the spirit so it’s really an important thing. I learned that I need to do my part at understanding the doctrines of the gospel well enough that the Lord can use me in any and all teaching situations. I need to love the people I serve and then act in faith and we will continue to see miracles. We just had one about 5 minutes ago or so. We had a lady come into the family history center and lives in our area. She was baptized at 8 but has not been to church since and wants to get back to church. We just got done talking with her and we were able to have an amazing conversation. She wants her husband to get baptized as well. So we will see where that takes us. I love when things like this happen. Oh by the way I am somewhat upset about the priesthood session. The year that I am not at school the men choir decides to go and sing at conference! It was weird to see them up there. I know a lot of them but there was also some new faces as well. Brother Brower did an amazing job as always and so did brother Kempten.

So I feel so much joy in my heart right now. This week has been a weird one for my emotions to tell you the truth. We had M.L.C. this last week. It was hard because we have departing testimony from the elders and sisters who are leaving that transfer. The groups are full of everyone that I know really well and have to say goodbye to. It’s tough but it’s good at the same time. It’s progression. It’s all part of life. Anyways enough about that.

So I am happy that the house sold. No need to stress or fret about that for now at least. I hope you have fun with spring break. You should have gone and watched conference live! I would of so loved to do that. I hear it’s amazing in person. I loved what President Monson talked about. We really do need to just love everyone. It’s always so much better when we approach it that way. Well at this point I am so overwhlemed with all the stuff I want to share. So It might take me a few weeks to share so sorry.

Well I am out of time need to write president.

Elder Hansen WKM

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