Week 85

14 Apr

Well this is funny that you should ask that question. I have been thinking a lot about this question as of late. We had our temple trip today and I had a very interesting thought come into my mind. I have been working through some things this last week of how to be a better servant of Christ and things along those lines. I go through waves of these thoughts every once and I while. I think we all do at times. So I went to the temple with these thoughts in mind. While I was sitting in the celestial room pondering on things the scripture that came to my mind was when it says — when you draw nigh unto me I will draw nigh unto you. That is not a direct quote by any means. So I have been thinking about how we draw ourselves unto Christ. I felt like I then needed to open up to 2 Nephi Chapter 31. I learned that when we use the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives and repent daily and live worthy of the Spirit, when we strive each day to do the right thing, learn of Him, understand who he is and love Him, you have just done it. You have drawn nigh unto Him.

How have I come to know my Savior? I feel for me that the biggest way that I have been able to do this is by truly being able to walk in his shoes. Now I know that I am not the Savior or will never amount to Him in many ways, but serving a mission has given me an amazing view into the life of our Savior. I have been persecuted for what we believe and stand for. I have been yelled at, mocked, laughed at, and “proven wrong”. We  have been called Satan, of the devil, devil worshipers, and a cult. We have been condemned to hell on many occasions and have had many prayers given in our behalf for our “salvation.”  We have had things thrown at us, people cursing us for the sake of our Savior Jesus Christ. We have been told that we don’t believe in Jesus. We have spent many countless hours on our knees pleading for help and strength to find the one. Prayed to get to know Him and studied his will. We have fasted and prayed oft for strength and love for the people that we serve.  We have felt his love flow over us. We have felt His direction and help. We have seen his hand every day in this work. We have been able to lift of the weary, strengthen the weak. Fill a room with the spirit. Quench the thirst of those who are ready for the gospel. Only by and through Him. We have been able to help people change. Help others gain faith in Him who never knew him. We have been able to see lives change and miracles happen as we have served in His name. We have been forgiven time and time again and helped others to feel that same strength and love that is only brought through Him. I have seen countless people grow to love him by living his gospel. We have spent many hours pondering over the scriptures and Preach my Gospel, practicing and re-practicing teaching so that we could be the best teachers that we could be. What I have learned is that if we are truly going to come to know Him we need to truly “take up our cross and follow Him.” We need to live what he taught. We need to truly follow Him. I have seen as I have been striving every day to have or develop the attributes of Christ that slowly over time I have changed. I have in all these moments grown to love Him even more. We need to walk as he walked and do as he did and live how he lived and loved how we loved. We need to pray every day for this blessing. When we do these things and lose ourselves for His name sake we will truly find our lives. We will be morphed and changed into what God intended us to be. We will become like him. I love the hymn I walked today where Jesus walked.  I could keep going on forever on this topic, but I feel like this should be enough. Feel free to share any and or all of this if you feel so inspired to do so.

As I have been thinking and getting ready for this weekend I have been overwhelmed with the feeling of gratitude for my Savior. If you have not already seen this I invite all to watch this video. This is the new Easter campaign for Easter. I know that he lives and loves each and every one of us. I know that He took away the penalty for our sins when we repent and come unto him. When we live and follow the gospel of Jesus Christ. I invite the whole family to share this web-site and any other church material you feel inspired to share with a friend of another faith, or someone who you feel might need it. Will you do that?

This work is real. I know it to be true. Keep following him and know that He loves you more then anyone else. Get to know Him!

Elder Hansen WKM

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