Week 88

05 May

Well, I am glad that you all have had an awesome week. I love getting fed spiritually. It is the best thing in the world. Okay so this last week had been full of finding, finding and more finding. It’s been an awesome thing though. We have been able to see so many miracles this last week. Here are a few of them.

On Monday we were trying by some people that we had not met on the ward list and we came across a family who have a few sons that live with them that were not members of the church due to being less active for a majority of their lives. We knocked on the door and the father of the family opened the door, invited us in and greeted us with a hug. We all sat down in the living room and started talking and getting to know each other. We were able to talk for quite a while about his life and how he is a convert to the church and really wants to start getting back into the church. We were able to talk with one of the sons that lives there about the church and his experience previously was with the missionaries in the area. We started talking about the gospel and specifically about the Book of Mormon. The spirit entered the room and it was so strong. Even the son who was not a member could feel it and recognized it. We were able to talk about the importance of coming to know that the book is true. We got another appointment and will go and see him tonight. We are praying that we will be able to meet with him and help him come closer to our savior Jesus Christ.

I love how the Lord works with each and every one of us. There are so many experiences where we are at the right place at the right time. We felt that we needed to go see a family this week that is near impossible to see due to the busy work life. Their home teacher has been their home teacher for about 2 years and has never got in with them. We went and knocked on the door and low and behold the mom was home. We were able to talk with her at the door and made a really cool connection because she grew up in California. She is actually not a member of the church but is open to learning when we find time to do that. It’s been tough to get in, but I know that it can be done. We are working on a short time span because she has met with missionaries in the past and as soon as one of them gets transferred she does not want to meet because she get attached and what not. I hope this will work out.

We had very funny move the other day. We met a man who needed help and so we traveled out to the farm land where he lived. He had a ton of stuff and a ton of land. He also moved at the speed of a snail not even joking. He had met with missionaries a long time ago and so we were able to talk as we moved things from his house to the different places that he was moving. He told us some really funny stuff. He told us that no matter what you do for a living always have a small business so that you can get a tax write off.  He talked about all the things that he has been involved in — selling wood to restaurants all over Washington,  making things,  selling antlers off of elk and other animal parts and skulls. After we moved some things we went back to his property and went through piles of things that he has and organized them. The funny part of the move was the fact that it could of taken us just about an hour to do all this, but the fact that he moved so slow it took us like 3 hours. It was funny as well because every other minute he wanted to know if we were getting hungry so that we could take a break and have some lunch. That was funny

We got a call the other night from some members asking for some help moving a giant Jacuzzi off of a deck and move it to anther property. This thing was like 700 pounds and it was on a 2nd story deck to a trailer down the skinny stairway. We and 3 other big men from the ward had to tip it to drain all the remaining water and then carry it down the stairs. It was an adventure to say the least. Elder Adling and I don’t think that we were much help because the other brothers in the ward were big and did a lot of the lifting. We were there for moral support. What a good adventure.

So about the Facetime. We were thinking around 6:30 or 7 pm. I hope that will work for you. We will be able to do face time. We have only be given 40 minutes this time to talk so I hope that is okay. Make sure that you are ready with good questions and what not ha. You know the drill. I am excited to see you again. Yet I really have not thought about it all that much. The members keep asking if we are excited, we keep forgetting about it. But we will call the night before.

Well I think that is all for this week

Love Elder Hansen WKM

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