Week 90

19 May

The Yakima Zone had an amazing week this week. We saw some many miracles it was amazing!! First off I am jealous that dad has been able to meet 2 Apostles recently! I love Elder Oaks and Elder Christofferson. They have always been ones that I have enjoyed reading and learning from. I am glad that you had an awesome time with that. I was actually reading his talk about the resurrection earlier today. One of my favorites for sure. So anyways let me fill you in about what went down this week. So yesterday we had a little time before dinner so we went and tried by some people that we had previously talked with. We went to go and see a man by the name of Jim. We knocked on his door, but his daughter answered instead. We asked if he was there and she went to go and see. She came back and said that he was busy getting the pool ready so that the family could go swimming in a few days. So we decided to talk with her and see what her life story was. We were able to find out that she lives just down the road and has 3 kids and is married. She told us that she had not gone to church her whole life and that she just recently wanted to go to church so she had been attending a different church for about a month. She told us that it is all new and that she likes the way that she feels when she goes to church. We asked what she knew about the church and she said that she didn’t know anything about the church. We were able to talk with her about the Book of Mormon and about prayer. She was very interested and invited us to come back later that week because she would like to learn more. It was awesome. We were able to teach her how to pray and she was even able to say the prayer before we left to go to dinner. It was an amazing opportunity. She seems really ready to learn more and to accept the message that we share. We were very happy with that.

The other day we took a few priests out with us to cover more ground. I took one of them with me and we went and tried a referral that we received a few weeks back. He lived really far away so we could never find the time to get out to the area. None the less we got out there and we tried his house. His dad was outside and told us that he was not home but that we could try by on Saturday because that is when he is most likely to be home. We realized that he lived really close to a less active family that we had not met yet so we drove around the corner and tried by them. The wife came to the door and she said that they didn’t have time right then to talk but that you could try by another time to meet with them. We get that answer a lot. So as we were walking back to the car I thought to myself, we are never out here so we should knock a few of the doors and see if anyone is interested. So, we stared and knocked the 4 other doors in the area. The first 2 people were not interested at all, and then we talked to the last 2. The first guy gave us some time and was really nice. He said at the end that he was really interested in learning more. We invited him to read a pamphlet and pray about the message and he agreed to do that. We then walked to the next trailer and waited for someone to come to the door.  No one came and so we were walking out to go back to our car and we saw all of them standing by their cars. We went over and the man of the family said that they did not have much time, but to come back tomorrow at noon and we could talk. So that is what we did. The next day we went back and we were able to have a really good lesson about the restoration. He believes in evolution but is still open the idea of having a higher power. We talked about the prophet and he asked how do I know that this man is really a prophet. We love questions like those. We were able to talk about prayer and that is how we come to know of truth. It was awesome. We were able to set up another time to meet with him. What I learned is to never hesitate acting on a prompting. I had the thought to go and knock on the doors, but I kind of put it off at first, then got in the car and it came again and I said, well I can not let any prompting go unfollowed. It was cool to see how the Lord is always guiding us to find the people that are open to learn.

Remember the house I told you about with all of the stuff in the yard we were helping move. Well we did more service for this man and we have actually become good friends. On our way back from taking a load of things over to his new place we started talking to him about what we do as missionaries and how we would really love to start working with his family.  He said that he was open to that and the he would “give it a whirl”. We were happy to see that. We will go by and see him later in the week as well. One of his favorite lines as we are working is, are you hungry yet, because he always loves to take us out to get food when we go over and help. So he took us to this really good bbq place right down the road from where he lives. Everyone knows him there because he comes so often. It was fun to get to know him more over lunch as well.

We had stake correlation meeting this last week so it was quite an adventure to put all of the things together for the report. Come to find out that there are a lot of people in the stake that are ready to get baptized and will be baptized in the coming weeks. We are so excited to be able to see so many of our brothers and sisters accept the gospel and come unto Christ. The stake president was very happy as well with all of that. He loved the report and is very excited to see these people come unto Christ.

We got a call a few weeks ago from one of the awesome ward missionaries in the ward that we work in. She said that she knows a less active part member family that is ready to start meeting with us. Apparently their grandpa died recently and were kind of taking it hard. The mom wanted us to meet with the boys and teach them about the plan of salvation. So we met with them a few days later and it was a good visit. The boys are not members of the church but they seem somewhat interested in learning. We talked about meeting with the whole family so that we could start teaching the dad who is not a member as well. We are excited for that. We will see them later on in the week as well. It seems like the Lord has really answered all of our prayers this last week as a zone. Every companionship has been working hard to find, teach and baptize. It has been cool to see the many blessing that have followed as we have been acting in faith.

Okay so I would not be a good missionary and followed up on a few things, Have you shared that video about Christ with someone yet? Have Abby, Ella and Maddie watched the videos I sent this last week? I am so happy to see that you have played such a vital role in the life of Sister Giordano. I know for a while it had its ups and downs but I know that the Lord was guiding you and He was able to use you as an instrument in your hand because of your faithfulness. That is something I was always impressed with. You were and are always doing the right thing. You always are reading scriptures and qualifying yourself for the blessing of the spirit to lead and guide you. It will always be with you when you do that. It’s crazy that Alison and Jeff have moved again! So many things have changed since I have been gone. It’s all been good though. Keep pushing forward. I know it’s hard that everyone keeps talking about the move. I know that you can endure to the end and find that the new place on where you are living is where the Lord wants you to be.

Oh so I got what called my “trunky” call this last week. The office staff ask you a bunch of questions about what your plans are for coming home and what not. I told Sister Benson that I will be flying in to Orlando so you can plan of me there. I think they will be sending you the flight information in the coming weeks. Don’t tell me anything about them though. I just want to push to the end. I still don’t know what I am doing about my homecoming talk yet. I will let you know when I decide. Sorry about that. Well I think that is all for this week. I hope you enjoy your date on your good old son in Washington.

Oh one more awesome story! This just came to me. So we are working with a part member family and the wife is the member. We go over about every other week and share messages because the husband is open to that. As we were thinking about what to share the thought came to me that we are to share the Mormon message “Hope you know we are Having a Hard Time.”  We didn’t know why that needed to be the message but we shared it anyways. Come to find out that their son was going through a rough time and needed some help. He is not a member and his mom has been trying to find ways to introduce the gospel to him. A few days prior to our visit she was talking with him about how the church puts out some awesome uplifting videos that he might like. She didn’t know which one to share but when she showed her that video she knew that was the one for him. We were so happy about that. Okay that is the last story of the amazing week that we had.

Love Elder Hansen

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