Week 91

26 May

Dear Family, I am glad to see that you watched the video’s about scripture study and prayer. I pray that the whole family can incorporate the principles of the gospel in your life. This week was a good one. We had meetings with the stake presidency about the missionary work in the area. We also had a really good Zone Conference and we went on some good exchanges with some awesome missionaries. I think that is where I will start today. I had the privilege to go on an exchange with Elder Doman. He serves in Topponish and is a Spanish missionary. He and I have a lot in common and have become really good friends so we were really excited to spend some time serving with each other. We were able to visit a lot of people. It was fun because a lot of the lessons were in Spanish, yet it seems like the longer I have been out the more Spanish I can understand. The fun thing was I practiced some Spanish with him and was even able to talk with some people on the street in Spanish. It was really scary, but fun at the same time. I introduced who we were and who we represent and they seemed interested. Then Elder Doman took it from there and was able to talk a lot about the Restoration and they seemed really interested. So that was a really exciting experience to have. We were able to talk about effective planning and about how to be an effective leader in the mission. It was a time of learning for both of us. They cover three towns and the other town that we were in that day was called Granger and they are known for giant dinosaurs that are placed all around the town. It’s really funny. I will send you a few pictures next week of a few of them. It was a fun time.

We were all counting down the days until we were able to have Zone Conference with our zone and the other zone next to us. Zone Conference is always the best because it’s a time for us to get fed spiritually. They started off with the video about Christ to invite the spirit. It was perfect because the whole meeting with about how conversion to Him is essential to this work that we are a part of. We were taught about the parable of the talents and how when we compare ourselves to others that robs the power of the atonement in our lives. We need to strive and seek the will of the Savior in our lives. We are so blessed to be missionaries at this time. The bitter sweet part of zone conferences is the departing testimonies. The other sad thing is they are having a mid-transfer transfer in August for all the missionaries in my group that need time to get home for school so some of the missionaries that came out with me had to give their testimony because the next zone conference would fall after they get home. It’s sad. On a funny note though President Ware was sitting next to me during all of the testimony and after the last missionary bore his testimony he leans over to me and says something in my ear thinking that I was next in the order of testimonies. I had to remind him that I am going home at the end of August not in the beginning and he and I both laughed because he had forgotten. I then said ,”Are you trying to sell me short President?” and everyone got a good laugh out of that. It was funny. He then asked if it was his turn to finish up the meeting and I said it was and so he got up and closed up the meeting perfectly. The spirit was strong.

We then had exchanges that night with the APs. It’s always fun when they come to town. I always learn something new each time they come to town. We went to go try by an inactive sister who has a sister that is dying of cancer and so she really needs a lot of help. When we pulled up we saw her brother sitting in a truck. He looked really down and sad. We went and talked with him for a little bit. We got to know him and told him who we were. He was nice but seemed like he needed some time on his own so we told him that the message that we share can really help. We then went and talked with his sister for a little while. On our way out we walked by and he was reading a book about God and healing or something like that. We both then felt impressed that we need to give him a Book of Mormon. We went and got one out of the car and then went back and talked with him for a little longer about the Book of Mormon and how it will bring you comfort and healing more then anything else right now. He was open to it and said he would read it and was open to having missionaries come by. So we got his address and we hope they get a hold of him again. It’s always an awesome experience to have little miracles like that. It’s an amazing feeling to know that the Lord can use you any way that he wants and he puts people in your path to help anyway that you can. It was a power experience.

We had some service opportunities on Saturday that were really cool. We helped a part member family put up some fencing. It was cool to get to know them more and help the husband who is not a member with his needs. We talked about how his son is on a mission and how he is really proud of the things that he has accomplished. It’s awesome how supportive he is even though he is not a member. Church was really good as well. I need church each week. It is always something that I look forward to each week.

Well, I think that is all for this week. I cant think of much to say.

Elder Hansen WKM

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