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Week 95

Well, my brain is a little mush today. We have had quite a long day and I am having a hard time remembering what has happend this last week so here we go.

On Monday we were on exchanges and I had a missionary with me that is serving down in Grandview. It was right after P-Day had ended and we were going about to try to find some people to teach. We had stopped by about 2 weeks ago to a house and the lady that opened the door let us in a talked to us for quite some time. She has been interested in all sorts of religoin and has a lot of friends that are members of the church. We talked for a while and then left a Restoration pamphlet with her and told her we would come back in a few weeks and see how her reading has been. She was happy with that. So on Monday we went back and she let us in again. We were able to talk with her some more about the Restoration. She would take us off topic at times so it was hard to cover what we felt we needed to say. Then the husband came in and started talking with us as well. He wanted to know the basic belief that we have as members of the church! We are always excited to have those questions. We we able to talk a little bit more about the message that we share but time ran out. We were able to set up another appointment and we are going back next week! We hope they will be able to help them more understand the message that we share.

We were able to have a really good lesson yesterday with the Messianic Jew that we have been teaching. We are starting to narrow down the real concerns that she has. We are very grateful for the spirit. We seem to have a hard time understanding her at first, but as we listen and follow the spirit we see her understand the message that we share more and more. I have just gained a huge testimony of the need and importance of a prophet at all times in every dispensation. We need them. They hold the keys to direct the Priesthood and that is the authority that we need to be able to recieve all the ordinances that we need for our salvation. I was thinking about that today in the temple. How important it is that we have all of this. They had the temple in the days of Christ. They had these things to help us come closer to Christ. We need them. “There is none other way nor name given under Heaven whereby man can be saved in the kingdom of God”. 2 Nephi 31:21. I love the scripture in Amos that says that the Lord will do nothing except through the prophets. Many might say that if we can be guided by the Holy Spirit there is no need for a prophet on the earth. Thats the kicker, we need the proper Priesthood Keys in order to be given the gift of the Holy Ghost to guide our lives. “Now let us rejoice in the day of salvation” is what comes to mind when I think of the restoration of the gospel. It’s part of God’s plan.

We were able to go to the temple today. It was so nice to go. We are so blessed to have a temple in our mission. It is always a little countdown in the back of my mind as we come closer to going again. I am lucky that I get to go again next transfer. It will be a little more emotional I am sure. But it will be a good to go again. My mind always seems much clearer when I am there. It’s a time of deep reflection and a time to see what the Lord wants next for me. I love to receive the guidence that he provides. It is a miracle in itself.

Elder Daw and I have been having a blast. We have so many commen things. We realized the other day that we both have quilts that our grandmothers made us right after we graduated high school. Little things like that are the best. We were able to play Brother Finch and his son the other day in basketball. We were the first missionaris to beat them I think. That was fun. They have a half court on their property. It’s really nice.

Anyways. Things are going well up here in Washington. Miracles are always going off. We have an awesome lesson set up tonight with one of our investigators. We are planning on teaching the Restoration and help him see the importance of the Book of Mormon. He has been reading, but having a hard time understanding what is going on. We feel that when we teach him this he will know more of the backround on the book and it will help him understand the storyline a little more.

Well I guess the move is finally upon you all. I will pray that nerves will be calm and that you will all be able to choose to be happy. Stay close to the gospel. Stay close to the spirit. Rely on our Savior for strength. I guess we can kind of see why Laman and Lemuel were not to keen on leaving what they had for somthing else. Lehi and Nephi knew

that when the Lord said it’s time to move, they can have the faith and know that it was in the end going to be for their good. The Lord has impressed and confirmed to you that this is what is next in the plan. Trust Him. He will provide blessings for those who obey the call. I know that is true. It does not mean that it will not be hard, but there is always hope. Hope in good things to come. It’s hard I know.

Well That is all I have this week sorry it is so short.

Elder Hansen.

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Week 94

Dear Mom

We had quite an eventful week. Between MLC, ZTM, Weekly planning, signing up for classes and other things it feels like we have not been able to get a lot of things done, but it still has been an amazing week none the less. We had an awesome lesson on Tuesday with a lady that we are trying to help get back to church. She texted us about 20 minutes before our appointment and asked if it was okay that she had a friend come along for the lesson as well. When we saw that, we were really excited and said that any and all are welcome to meet with us. We got there and started to get to know her friend. He lived in the area and has always been very interested in learning about religion. We talked with him about his life and his religious background and he told us about the experiences that he has had in his life. He works as a volunteer firefighter. He loved helping others and what not. We felt impressed that we needed to teach them both about the Plan of Salvation. At first we did not know why, but as we got talking a little more into teaching the Plan of Salvation we found out why. He talked a lot about some of the calls that he has been on and the things that he has seen. About half way through the lesson he asked a question that us missionaries are always waiting for someone to ask. He asked, ” Why do bad things always happen to good people?” He talked about some of his “kid calls” that he goes on and how they are always hard because the kids are always so innocent. We paused for a little bit and then talked about heaven and about how this life is a time of testing and proving and and talked about what we felt inspired to say. It was awesome. He felt the spirit, well we all did, and he said that he has always wanted to know the answer to that question and finally has found what he is looking for. It was awesome. He then later that week came to a ward activity that we had. It was awesome to see some of the ward members come up and talk with them and get to know him.  We heard from some other members that after the lesson he was talking about how awesome that lesson was and how much better he feels. We will meet some other time this week. We are so blessed to help others. That is my favorite part of being a missionary.

Okay so later that day we went down to the Tri-cities for MLC. It was always a very spiritual experience to say the least. We are really trying to help all of the missionaries teach simply by the spirit to commitment. We talked a lot about how that is truly how each and every one of us progress in this life. They need to live the gospel in order to truly know if it is of God. (John 7:17) President Ware talked a lot about what the Lord wants next. He talked about how we need 4 parts of missionary work — always to keep the work going forward. He actually showed a quick clip from Top Gear! That made me happy. I laughed about how we used to watch that and how they would say the baby Jesus really funny. Good times. So after that meeting we went back home and prepared ourselves for our meeting on Saturday where we needed to train on the things that we just learned about. We feel that it is important that we always repent and have the spirit with us because we cannot do this work without it. It’s impossible.

Okay so I know the news that you are all waiting for. What classes am I taking. Well I am a little nervous about what I’ve done, I wanted to take a few other classes but they were all full. But here are my classes.

English 201

Intermediate Algebra

Mens Choir

Business orientation

Intro to accounting

Teachings of the living prophets.

That all adds up to 13 credits. I wanted to take sports med but it was all full. The course description explained that It would help students who are interested in a career like physical therapy and things along those lines. I just want to take a few classes that I might be interested in and see if I will actually like it.  I do really like my schedule. I think my earliest class is at 11 or so. So that is good. I found that when I take later classes I seem to do better. I am tempted to drop intro to accounting and take an EMT or lifeguard class. IDK it just doesn’t feel like my class list is complete. I might keep accounting I am not sure yet.

So yesterday was Elder Daws birthday. I made sure everyone in the ward knew that it was his birthday. It was awesome the even called him into Primary and sang to him as well. It was so funny. We went to dinner and they had cupcakes with candles and the whole 9 yards. It was so funny Elder Daw was so mad and thought I had all of these plans. He tried to keep it on the hush hush but it did not work.

Well that is all for this week. Happy Fathers Day Dad!! I was going to give you a card, but I had no idea where to send it because I don’t have the Florida address.

I love you all Elder Hansen WKM

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Week 93

Dear Mom,

It’s been a very weird week, but we have see some really awesome miracles. We had transfers this last week. It was weird to say goodbye to Elder Adling. I thought for sure we were going to stay together, but it has been a blast to be with Elder Daw. It’s fun to remember the good old days of college. We are having a hard time remembering some people’s names at this point, but it’s fun. We have been working hard to find more people to teach.

This last week we had to say goodbye to Elder Cude but we were able to have his companion with us for the the first half of the week. We had a lot of fun going and seeing different people and helping Elder Adling say goodbye to some of the people we were working with. We then went to transfers. It’s always fun to see the other missionaries around. I have realized though that hardly any of the missionaries that came out with me are going home with me. They are all going home a little sooner that me. So I might be all alone. Which is fine I guess. I get to stay longer in the mission. So then after transfers we had to drive some missionaries around to the different areas. Then we were able to go out and do some work. Elder Daw and I had a very interesting lesson with one of our investigators and their “friends”. They wanted to test us to see what we were really all about. It was one of those two hour lessons where you have to defend your faith the whole time. Boy do we love these lessons as missionaries. It was really cool to see though as we answered their questions we tried as best we could to follow the promptings of the spirit and we were able to see the spirit work within them. We answered a lot of their questions and even got a lot of responses like, “Oh, that makes sense I could see how that would be.”  It reminds me of the scripture in Doctrine and Covenants that says that when you speak by the spirit you cannot be confounded before men. It’s so true. I also gained a stronger testimony of the importance of a prophet on earth. We all need it. We all need the direction and guidance that he receives from the Lord Jesus Christ.

I am glad to see that you had a wonderful time at the Open House. It’s cool to the see how the ward helped out and served you in so many ways. I bet it was an emotional time for sure. So what is the point of an open house? Is it just so that you can say goodbye to everyone? Not sure what that is all about. So I guess we can talk about who Elder Daw is and his life history. He is actually from California! San Jose. It’s awesome — the California Dream Team is still going on. It’s the best. No Utah. It’s weird how many members say that after he introduces himself. So we keep on going oh. He lived in California most of his life but right after he graduated from high school his family moved to Utah, but he still says he is from California. It’s always good to have a new companion because you get to go around and get in with people that don’t let you in normally. So we were able to see investigators and see if they are still interested to meet with us. Most of them were wanting us to come by and start meeting with us again. So we were happy about that.

So a few days ago we decided that we needed to go tracting to find more people to teach. We drove around a little bit see where we could do that. We found a street that I had not yet tracted. We knocked on the first door and they were not interested. We then knocked on the next door and someone opened the door. We started talking with him. He let us talk with him for while at the door. He told us of this experience that he had after his grandmother died and he wanted to know if she was in Heaven. He prayed for the first time and after ending the prayer he said he looked up and saw a shooting star. He took that to be his answer. He said that he had been looking to find a church that he could start going to and he wanted to start improving his relationship with God. He let us in and we were able to teach him the whole Restoration. It was awesome. He was excited to read the Book of Mormon and said that he would read most of it that night. We will go see him again later in the week!! We are so excited to see him again. We hope he will really read.

Well I think that is all this week. Happy Birthday mom. Hope my thing gets there in time.

Elder Hansen WKM!!

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Week 92

Well this week has been a crazy one. We have seen so many miracles. We had a lot of fun trying to cover a huge area on bikes this week while our car was in the shop. The reason it was in the shop was because someone backed into the door last transfer and we finally got it repaired. So our area is huge. It covers like the whole west end of the Yakima valley and there are tons of hills everywhere. So needless to say my legs were really sore. The cool thing was we were able to talk to a lot of people that we normally would never see. The other day we were biking to go and see someone and we saw a lady out in her front yard doing something. We went over to talk with her and she started slowly working her way back to the door. We kept talking with her and she told us that this was not her house and then all of a sudden the mom of the family comes to the door and starts to talk with us. We were supper excited because she was really open to the gospel. She is a Messianic Jew. She asked us a lot of questions about the Bible and the “signs of the times.” We talked about what we believed. She told us her life story with religion and how she does not like going to church because she would always have all these questions and she wanted to know the answer to the question and every person would giver her a different answer. She felt like she had no where to turn so she said she was done with religion and going to church. She felt like no one truly followed what the Bible teaches and she did not understand what it all means. I guess she feels that the faith that she belongs to is one that is as close as you can get to the Bible but she is really open to learning what we believe and trying to see if it is true. (SOUND FAMILIAR?) I felt impressed to relate the story of Joseph Smith and his experience to her. She connected to it very well. She is in the same spot that Joseph was in. He was searching, he was looking. He felt that religion was flawed and so he sought for truth only in the Bible. He read a verse in James 1:5 that changed his life forever. We are hoping and praying that she will truly read the Book of Mormon. We know that she has real intent. We know she is willing to act. She sees problems and has real concerns. We will see her sometime this week and see how she is doing.

So we got transfer calls last Saturday. The California Dream Team is being broken up. I will be receiving a new companion named Elder Daw. I think he is from Utah not quite sure. But fun fact — we both lived in Somerset and we were in the same ward back at school. Small world eh. It will be fun. He is coming from my old area as well back in West Richland. It will be good.

We have been teaching a lady for a little while and we had an awesome lesson with her this last week. We had the ward mission leader and a ward missionary come with us and they said all that needs to be said. They helped her out so much and bore some powerful testimonies. Good members make such a difference in the work of the Lord. They need that support. They need the help and strength as they make those steps of faith. She is going to come to church this next week. We are so excited to see what will happen. I know she will love the spirit that she feels.

So we had a really good district meeting this last week and we were able to have a really good “funeral” for Elder Cude who is going home tomorrow. The whole mission will be sad once he leaves because of how amazing of a missionary he is. He has touched us all and is going to be a strong member of the church. I will send you a bunch of pictures because I have my camera with me today. We have some good ones. I hope it will make up for the shorter email.

Congrats Maddie on the graduation. I was thinking about you on Friday becasue I knew that was the day. Well I hope you are exctied for what is ahead. Always hold true to the doctrine and you will be protected in every aspect of your life.

Love Elder Hansen WKM.


RIP Elder Snow, Free, Crabtree, Cude and all others who go home tomorrow. We will miss you. (They say “RIP” in the mission when someone is going home)


“Funeral” for leaving elders


This is most of our zone last p day in Granger on a few dinosaurs. Plus 2 little Hispanic kids hhahha got to love those kids.

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