Week 92

02 Jun

Well this week has been a crazy one. We have seen so many miracles. We had a lot of fun trying to cover a huge area on bikes this week while our car was in the shop. The reason it was in the shop was because someone backed into the door last transfer and we finally got it repaired. So our area is huge. It covers like the whole west end of the Yakima valley and there are tons of hills everywhere. So needless to say my legs were really sore. The cool thing was we were able to talk to a lot of people that we normally would never see. The other day we were biking to go and see someone and we saw a lady out in her front yard doing something. We went over to talk with her and she started slowly working her way back to the door. We kept talking with her and she told us that this was not her house and then all of a sudden the mom of the family comes to the door and starts to talk with us. We were supper excited because she was really open to the gospel. She is a Messianic Jew. She asked us a lot of questions about the Bible and the “signs of the times.” We talked about what we believed. She told us her life story with religion and how she does not like going to church because she would always have all these questions and she wanted to know the answer to the question and every person would giver her a different answer. She felt like she had no where to turn so she said she was done with religion and going to church. She felt like no one truly followed what the Bible teaches and she did not understand what it all means. I guess she feels that the faith that she belongs to is one that is as close as you can get to the Bible but she is really open to learning what we believe and trying to see if it is true. (SOUND FAMILIAR?) I felt impressed to relate the story of Joseph Smith and his experience to her. She connected to it very well. She is in the same spot that Joseph was in. He was searching, he was looking. He felt that religion was flawed and so he sought for truth only in the Bible. He read a verse in James 1:5 that changed his life forever. We are hoping and praying that she will truly read the Book of Mormon. We know that she has real intent. We know she is willing to act. She sees problems and has real concerns. We will see her sometime this week and see how she is doing.

So we got transfer calls last Saturday. The California Dream Team is being broken up. I will be receiving a new companion named Elder Daw. I think he is from Utah not quite sure. But fun fact — we both lived in Somerset and we were in the same ward back at school. Small world eh. It will be fun. He is coming from my old area as well back in West Richland. It will be good.

We have been teaching a lady for a little while and we had an awesome lesson with her this last week. We had the ward mission leader and a ward missionary come with us and they said all that needs to be said. They helped her out so much and bore some powerful testimonies. Good members make such a difference in the work of the Lord. They need that support. They need the help and strength as they make those steps of faith. She is going to come to church this next week. We are so excited to see what will happen. I know she will love the spirit that she feels.

So we had a really good district meeting this last week and we were able to have a really good “funeral” for Elder Cude who is going home tomorrow. The whole mission will be sad once he leaves because of how amazing of a missionary he is. He has touched us all and is going to be a strong member of the church. I will send you a bunch of pictures because I have my camera with me today. We have some good ones. I hope it will make up for the shorter email.

Congrats Maddie on the graduation. I was thinking about you on Friday becasue I knew that was the day. Well I hope you are exctied for what is ahead. Always hold true to the doctrine and you will be protected in every aspect of your life.

Love Elder Hansen WKM.


RIP Elder Snow, Free, Crabtree, Cude and all others who go home tomorrow. We will miss you. (They say “RIP” in the mission when someone is going home)


“Funeral” for leaving elders


This is most of our zone last p day in Granger on a few dinosaurs. Plus 2 little Hispanic kids hhahha got to love those kids.

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