Week 93

09 Jun

Dear Mom,

It’s been a very weird week, but we have see some really awesome miracles. We had transfers this last week. It was weird to say goodbye to Elder Adling. I thought for sure we were going to stay together, but it has been a blast to be with Elder Daw. It’s fun to remember the good old days of college. We are having a hard time remembering some people’s names at this point, but it’s fun. We have been working hard to find more people to teach.

This last week we had to say goodbye to Elder Cude but we were able to have his companion with us for the the first half of the week. We had a lot of fun going and seeing different people and helping Elder Adling say goodbye to some of the people we were working with. We then went to transfers. It’s always fun to see the other missionaries around. I have realized though that hardly any of the missionaries that came out with me are going home with me. They are all going home a little sooner that me. So I might be all alone. Which is fine I guess. I get to stay longer in the mission. So then after transfers we had to drive some missionaries around to the different areas. Then we were able to go out and do some work. Elder Daw and I had a very interesting lesson with one of our investigators and their “friends”. They wanted to test us to see what we were really all about. It was one of those two hour lessons where you have to defend your faith the whole time. Boy do we love these lessons as missionaries. It was really cool to see though as we answered their questions we tried as best we could to follow the promptings of the spirit and we were able to see the spirit work within them. We answered a lot of their questions and even got a lot of responses like, “Oh, that makes sense I could see how that would be.”  It reminds me of the scripture in Doctrine and Covenants that says that when you speak by the spirit you cannot be confounded before men. It’s so true. I also gained a stronger testimony of the importance of a prophet on earth. We all need it. We all need the direction and guidance that he receives from the Lord Jesus Christ.

I am glad to see that you had a wonderful time at the Open House. It’s cool to the see how the ward helped out and served you in so many ways. I bet it was an emotional time for sure. So what is the point of an open house? Is it just so that you can say goodbye to everyone? Not sure what that is all about. So I guess we can talk about who Elder Daw is and his life history. He is actually from California! San Jose. It’s awesome — the California Dream Team is still going on. It’s the best. No Utah. It’s weird how many members say that after he introduces himself. So we keep on going oh. He lived in California most of his life but right after he graduated from high school his family moved to Utah, but he still says he is from California. It’s always good to have a new companion because you get to go around and get in with people that don’t let you in normally. So we were able to see investigators and see if they are still interested to meet with us. Most of them were wanting us to come by and start meeting with us again. So we were happy about that.

So a few days ago we decided that we needed to go tracting to find more people to teach. We drove around a little bit see where we could do that. We found a street that I had not yet tracted. We knocked on the first door and they were not interested. We then knocked on the next door and someone opened the door. We started talking with him. He let us talk with him for while at the door. He told us of this experience that he had after his grandmother died and he wanted to know if she was in Heaven. He prayed for the first time and after ending the prayer he said he looked up and saw a shooting star. He took that to be his answer. He said that he had been looking to find a church that he could start going to and he wanted to start improving his relationship with God. He let us in and we were able to teach him the whole Restoration. It was awesome. He was excited to read the Book of Mormon and said that he would read most of it that night. We will go see him again later in the week!! We are so excited to see him again. We hope he will really read.

Well I think that is all this week. Happy Birthday mom. Hope my thing gets there in time.

Elder Hansen WKM!!

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