Week 94

16 Jun

Dear Mom

We had quite an eventful week. Between MLC, ZTM, Weekly planning, signing up for classes and other things it feels like we have not been able to get a lot of things done, but it still has been an amazing week none the less. We had an awesome lesson on Tuesday with a lady that we are trying to help get back to church. She texted us about 20 minutes before our appointment and asked if it was okay that she had a friend come along for the lesson as well. When we saw that, we were really excited and said that any and all are welcome to meet with us. We got there and started to get to know her friend. He lived in the area and has always been very interested in learning about religion. We talked with him about his life and his religious background and he told us about the experiences that he has had in his life. He works as a volunteer firefighter. He loved helping others and what not. We felt impressed that we needed to teach them both about the Plan of Salvation. At first we did not know why, but as we got talking a little more into teaching the Plan of Salvation we found out why. He talked a lot about some of the calls that he has been on and the things that he has seen. About half way through the lesson he asked a question that us missionaries are always waiting for someone to ask. He asked, ” Why do bad things always happen to good people?” He talked about some of his “kid calls” that he goes on and how they are always hard because the kids are always so innocent. We paused for a little bit and then talked about heaven and about how this life is a time of testing and proving and and talked about what we felt inspired to say. It was awesome. He felt the spirit, well we all did, and he said that he has always wanted to know the answer to that question and finally has found what he is looking for. It was awesome. He then later that week came to a ward activity that we had. It was awesome to see some of the ward members come up and talk with them and get to know him.  We heard from some other members that after the lesson he was talking about how awesome that lesson was and how much better he feels. We will meet some other time this week. We are so blessed to help others. That is my favorite part of being a missionary.

Okay so later that day we went down to the Tri-cities for MLC. It was always a very spiritual experience to say the least. We are really trying to help all of the missionaries teach simply by the spirit to commitment. We talked a lot about how that is truly how each and every one of us progress in this life. They need to live the gospel in order to truly know if it is of God. (John 7:17) President Ware talked a lot about what the Lord wants next. He talked about how we need 4 parts of missionary work — always to keep the work going forward. He actually showed a quick clip from Top Gear! That made me happy. I laughed about how we used to watch that and how they would say the baby Jesus really funny. Good times. So after that meeting we went back home and prepared ourselves for our meeting on Saturday where we needed to train on the things that we just learned about. We feel that it is important that we always repent and have the spirit with us because we cannot do this work without it. It’s impossible.

Okay so I know the news that you are all waiting for. What classes am I taking. Well I am a little nervous about what I’ve done, I wanted to take a few other classes but they were all full. But here are my classes.

English 201

Intermediate Algebra

Mens Choir

Business orientation

Intro to accounting

Teachings of the living prophets.

That all adds up to 13 credits. I wanted to take sports med but it was all full. The course description explained that It would help students who are interested in a career like physical therapy and things along those lines. I just want to take a few classes that I might be interested in and see if I will actually like it.  I do really like my schedule. I think my earliest class is at 11 or so. So that is good. I found that when I take later classes I seem to do better. I am tempted to drop intro to accounting and take an EMT or lifeguard class. IDK it just doesn’t feel like my class list is complete. I might keep accounting I am not sure yet.

So yesterday was Elder Daws birthday. I made sure everyone in the ward knew that it was his birthday. It was awesome the even called him into Primary and sang to him as well. It was so funny. We went to dinner and they had cupcakes with candles and the whole 9 yards. It was so funny Elder Daw was so mad and thought I had all of these plans. He tried to keep it on the hush hush but it did not work.

Well that is all for this week. Happy Fathers Day Dad!! I was going to give you a card, but I had no idea where to send it because I don’t have the Florida address.

I love you all Elder Hansen WKM

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