Week 96

01 Jul

So to start of this letter I would just like to say that Elder Daw and I have both discovered that we both have a real “love” for the movie Saturday Night Warrior’s. We have been quoting it all week long and laughing so much. It’s been a blast. We both have had “wonderful” experiences in the past with sisters who played that movie over and over again. Our favorite is to quote the song with Jimmy  and all of his friends and the family. It’s a classic.

So fun fact. There is a lady in our area whose dad is the voice of Lemuel from the living scriptures. We had a good laugh quoting that movie as well and I told her that me and my sisters quote that movie all of the time. We then started quoting all of her favorite lines. She thought it was funny how we knew so much of the movie. It was good.

So after we went to the temple we had a lesson with one of our investigators that the less active lady brought. We were able to teach them about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Before we went into the lesson we had a thought that we should use the pamphlets that we teach. We grabbed them last second from the back seat. We taught them and it was a wonderful lesson. We were able to help them understand a little more about the importance of the Book of Mormon and about Joseph Smith. After the lesson was over our investigator said that it was really helpful to have the pamphlet. It’s so awesome how the Lord knows his children so well. He knew that he needed the pamphlet there to help him. It’s fun. I love this work.

We got a call a few weeks ago from the Primary Presidency asking if for the 5th Sunday we could come for sharing time and teach them how to role play. Let me tell you, primary+roleplay=funny experience. The moment we turned them loose to practice with their neighbor they broke out into arguments on who was going to be the friend first. They did a whole bunch of crazy things. Some were actually taking it seriously, others were sitting there starting at the wall and some were almost in a fist fight and not willing to do anything at all. I guess that is how primary is. One crazy adventure.

So part of our area is really country as you know. We seem to always run into some of the funniest people out there. We are working with a guy that we found not to long ago by a prompt to tract the street. Not sure if you remember that story. None the less we have been meeting with him on and off. We had a lesson not to long ago and he was telling us some crazy things that he did at his home. He built a giant gun power cannon. He was telling us all the things that have happened to him while using the cannon. He almost blew off his leg at one point. He then was telling us that one of his favorite things to do is eat frog and also quail. He wants to catch some for us and let us try some.  He also loves moonshine. He drinks it all the time. That is something that we are trying to help him with. We hope he will be able to stop drinking it. Let me tell you that stuff smells horrible. It burnt my nostrils when he was drinking it and I was on the other side of the room. He says that he can only take little sips because his throat closes up and won’t let him swallow. I told him that should be a sign enough that he should not drink that stuff. He said that when we are done with our mission we should come back and visit him so we can go shoot guns and blow up stuff and ride real fast on dirt bikes hillbilly style.

Well I guess it’s official that the Hansen Family is no longer in California. Super sad. I hope that you make it to Florida alright. I know you will.

So we had a lesson the other day with one of our investigators. At the end we asked if there was any other thing that we could do for her. She sarcastically asked if we could mow her lawn. We jumped up and said yes. We then proceeded to mow her lawn. She thought it was funny but felt bad at the same time. It was fun. We don’t get to do that very often so it was fun. We also found a frog and showed it to her kids. They thought it was awesome.

Well I think that is all for this week. I love you all. Elder Hansen.


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