Week 97

08 Jul

Happy 4th of JULY everyone. We had a really awesome 4th. In the morning we helped a family pull out a bunch of apple trees. They had been torn down already, but they left the roots so the roots grew into small trees. It was our job to excavate the small trees and the root system to get rid of them for good. It was quite a task but a lot of fun at the same time. It was really rewarding. So after that we went and changed and tried to get some proselyting done for a little while. We saw that the family had signed up to feed us that day for dinner and her cooking is famous all around the ward/valley. She cooks the best food ever. We went and were greeted by tons of extended family from all over the USA. They were cooking all sorts of Asian food. All of the husbands had served in Japan and their wives were all Japanese! So we had all sorts of good food. She even made homemade sushi. I have never had homemade sushi before! We took a picture of 2 caterpillar rolls that she made for us. They were full of eel and other good stuff. Here is a picture. So after dinner we had to go home early and do some planning. So we did some planning and that was good and after that we went into the backyard of the house and sat on the trampoline and tried to see some fireworks. We were somewhat successful. We saw a few. So that was a good 4th of JULY.

We also had MLC this week. It was sad because I had to say goodbye to Elder Hatch one of my companions. He had an awesome testimony. It was all about our Savior Jesus Christ. That’s what this work is all about. It’s all about Him.

So on Wednesday evening we were walking down a residential street. We quickly tried by a potential investigator and after that we were walking back to the car when we saw a BMW driving down the road. We didn’t think much of it and then all of a sudden we heard a huge crashing noise and looked up to see that BMW smashing into the front end of another car. We both said, “Well, we just witnessed a car crash.” And of course you know me, I can’t just sit and watch in those situations so I quickly walked over to see if everyone was alright. The two boys that were passengers in the BMW were all right. They just had a bit of seatbelt burn but other than that they were good. The lady in the other car was fine. She was very calm and everything was fine for her. After that I walked over to check on the driver of the BMW as I was walking over I heard her scream out, “My dog is dead!!” I went to go see what I could do to help. She had a few cuts on her face so we got a lady from a nearby house to give us some bandages to stop the bleeding. She had some bruises on her legs and seat belt burn. She was fine. Before she got out of the car I asked if she had any neck pain or any pain on her body. She stood up and got out of the car which I was not to happy about because we didn’t know if she was seriously hurt or not. She starts to talk with the other lady that she was in the crash with. There were no kids the cars which was nice. Unfortunately the dog that was sitting on her lap was no longer alive. It was somewhat sad to see it take its final breaths, luckily I was the one to see that and not the driver, yet again. The police were called and the paramedics came as well. We were able to say what we saw to the police and then we were able to go on our way. We then went to go and see a less active man in the ward. He let us in. He said that this was the perfect time to catch him. We were able to talk with him for quite a while about the gospel. We were able to ease his nerves and help him see that when he includes God in his life how even the hard times that you go through will become easier to carry and go through. The spirit was so strong. It’s crazy how the Lord always has a plan and a perfect timing for everything. That he put us missionaries in the path to help those in need. One thing right after another. I love this work.

This work is amazing. This plan is amazing!! I love it so much. At this point I feel like every little second means so much. I feel so much pressure at this point. I feel like I am on a time clock that does not have much time left. I can’t take it, yet I feel so much peace and happiness as I do all I can each day. Well, my time is short. I love you all.

Elder Hansen WKM

Homemade sushi

Homemade sushi


Here is me and Elder Knight doing funny things

Here is me and Elder Knight doing funny things

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