Week 98

15 Jul

Sounds like all is good in Florida. Happy that all is unpacked.

We received transfer calls on Saturday. Elder Daw and I are both staying. We are really excited about this. This week has been really hard — not going to lie. All of our investigators are going away for like 2 to 3 weeks and we are having a hard time getting in touch with all of the other investigators. We also had a few people try our faith. That gets old real quick. I am okay with questions if there is never a hidden agenda. They always make statements that never make sense and they never let us go. We make it a point not to ever contend back. We just patiently wait for the time that we can teach and testify. To all who read this let me make this clear. God is the only one who decided who is going to Heaven and Hell. No one can tell you whether you are going to Heaven or Hell. Only God decides that. So if anyone tells you otherwise keep in mind who’s plan this is and how they have no authority to say that. Then politely say that we are going to find people that are actually interested in learning more about our message and leave. Love and pray for them and ask for their heart to be softened one day.

We had interviews with President Ware this last week. That was really nice. We talked about some very insightful things. We talked about some awesome memories that we have had together. It was comforting. I really felt the spirit. We also had a really good exchange with the Assistants. I always learn something new when they come out with us. It seems like the Washington Kennewick Mission is growing. We are receiving 28 new missionaries this week. It’s sad to see another group of them go home. Missionaries that I have grown really close to. I guess it’s the next step but yet it’s sad.

I have been learning a lot of good things from the spirit. We had an awesome lesson today about sacrifice in gospel principles. It’s cool so see how sacrifice is always a part of living the gospel. It’s hard, yet a very essential part of coming unto Christ. I love how the prophets of old knew there was going to be a falling away, yet they did all they could because they knew the things that they did then, would really effect us in our day. They knew that not a lot people would accept now, but later on in God’s plan. Talk about sacrifice.

Well I guess that is all for this week. I love you all.

Elder Hansen WKM

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