Week 99

21 Jul

That is awesome to see that everyone is having a good time. I can’t believe Ella now has a few new pets. I wonder how long it will take for midget to eat them up. . . You better keep them away form one another. I remember when one of our birds almost got eaten by the Zimmerman dog once. That was somewhat of traumatic experience for the bird. It even lost some of its head feathers because of that. So keep him away.

We have experience a lot of amazing miracles this last week. I just wanted to start this letter of this way. Elder Daw and I hear form time to time form people that we talk with about how wicked the world is becoming and how some people are legitimately scared and are preparing for the end days. I just have to say while yes there are some things to come in the future, must we not forget that the Lord is still completing his work. He is still working and will continue to work. I can’t help but look at all of these amazing things that happen each and every day that might go unnoticed if you were not looking for them. Here are a few of them form this last week.

On Tuesday we had an appointment with a lady that we had been in contact with for a little while. We brought a member with us to this appointment. The spirit was so strong. The lady opens up and talks about how she is looking for a church that her whole family could enjoy. She had grown up Jehovah Witness and her husband was some other faith I cant quite remember what he was. She talked about how she really wanted to know what we believed and what not. So we were able to teach her the restoration and giver her a copy of the book of Mormon. She committed to read it and asked us to stop by in a few weeks when she is done with this big project thing that she has to complete for her work. There are still people here that want to hear about the restored gospel. We are so excited to show her how the gospel will bless her family. The member that was with us did an awesome job explaining about how the gospel blesses our family and how it brings us closer together.

Earlier in the day on Tuesday we were out in the country and we swung by to see one of our potential investigators. She was home, which was a miracle, and she had a few minutes for us to talk to her. We talked to her about the book of Mormon and how she can read it and find out that it is true. She told us that her mom is actually a member and how she went to church a few times when she was younger. She does not remember much but she did like it. So we talked a little longer and were able to giver a copy of the book of Mormon and then left it at that. This is the cool part. About 3 day later of so we get a text message for her saying that she had been reading in the book of Mormon and had a question. We both read that are were supper exited. We asked what the question might be. Later that day she responded and said that she found the answer. Something about Joseph Smith. She had been reading his account and the account of the others that had seen the plates. Then the next day she texted us again and said that she had another question. She said, I know that Nephi the Father of Lehi who is being persecuted, but what record is Nephi writing? We were so excited when she said that as well. She has been reading and understand parts of what she is reading. Its been cool. That has never happened to us before.

After that lesson we went down the road to go and see a less active lady. She was home as well. She is going through a lot of hard times. This was one of the many days that we have had this week where it has been over 100 out side. She comes out of the house and starts talking to us about her life. It was so hot. We were roasting. So I said a silent prayer asking that we would not die and be able to help her. We talked to her for a little while more and then as we were leaving elder daw said that even though it was really hot outside, he did not feel it all that much. I said the same thing and said that I had prayed that we would not be hot. It was an answer to our prayers.

We also was able to catch a part member family later that night that we never are able to get in. We were able to get to know them. They slowly starting to open up to missionaries. We are excited to go by and see them again sometime.

The next day we had transfers. They put me in charge of directing the transfer site in Yakima. Its the midway point of the mission. So everyone the goes up north and down south meet there. So everything went well until we get a text from the assistance saying that they left the tri cities like and hour and a half late. So we had to wait form them and when they finally came no one wanted to listen and it was so hot. But we eventually got everyone where they needed to be. SO that was another miracle.

We had a zone breakfast and a zone leadership counsel meeting on Saturday. We had a good discussion on goals and plans that we are going to make to help us reach our goals as a zone and a mission. We have all felt really impressed to be using the members a lot more to help us with this work. We find that when we really act in faith and use the members in each teaching opportunity everything goes a lot better. Plus its hard to help people come to church if they do not have any friends. We were talking with a recent convert about that and she said that if it was not for her friends that  helped her along the way she would have never made the choice to be baptized. Its was another answer to our prayers that we need to have members more in everything that we do.

There are a few missionaries in the zone that are training. We are always excited to have new missionaries. They are always way excited to get to work. Its fun to help them get into the work.

We had a crazy Sunday yesterday. We had ward counsel meeting and then 3 hours of church. We had to then jet over and have our stake correlation meeting. Everything is going well there. The work in this area is on fire. There are some unites in this area that are baptizing almost every week. The members down there are doing an awesome job helping to find and fellowship. So after that meeting we were invited to teach mission prep. We were very excited to do that. I love teaching mission prep. We talked a lot about become true disciples of Jesus Christ and how we can develop charity. We finished by talking about how we can use the book of Mormon in every aspect of the work. The spirit was strong and it seemed like they really enjoyed hearing form some full time missionaries. A few of them have their calls and will leave in October and other times. We are so blessed to be able to serve at this time. So blessed. The Lord is poring out miracle after miracle.

We have found that as we act in faith more with our planning the day always goes so much better. We have been really working hard at following the spirit in planning and the Lord is showing us the way. Oh we also had an investigator come to church yesterday!! She has been talking about coming for some time now and she finally took the step of faith and loved it. Church was also so full of the spirit. I was happy that she came that week. We even had a musical number with the piano, Violin, and a guitar!! That was the first and probably the last time I will ever see the guitar in sacrament meeting. They received special permission to use it. They played come thou fount of every blessing and they played it in a way the the old pioneers might have played it. Its was awesome. We talked to her after and she said that she loved coming to church and she is going to come tonight to the ward activity that we are having. It will be fun to have her their. Well, I think that is the most of what has happened this week. I know this church is true. I love this work more then anything else.

Elder Hansen WKM.

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