Week 100

28 Jul

This week has been another good week. The temperatures have really cooled down a lot which is nice. They are supposed to go back up really high again the next few days. Welcome to summers in Washington. So first off there is a big fire in the northern part of our mission that they are having a hard time keeping contained so if you could please include this in your prayers that would be awesome. They are sending up groups of members to help clean up what has just happened to the Wanatchie area. Unfortunately our stake was not invited so we are not able to help. It would be a lot of fun to do that. The stake right next to us gets to go so thats kind of lame as well. Anyways, we had a few good lessons this week with some of our investigators. On Monday we found 2 new investigators which was really awesome. They committed to read the Book of Mormon. We had a return appointment for later that week, but they weren’t there. SO now we got to try and track them down again like most of the people we teach. This summer has been rough because of the fact that no one is home. Most of our investigators are convinced that august in the month that they want to be taught. So we have been counting down the days when they get off of vacation and finish summer classes so that we can meet with them again. But they Lord is really helping us find more people to teach. We have set a goal as a mission to have every companionship find 2 new investigators a week. We are doing are part and acting in faith.

We had a lesson with a part member family this last week. She told us that she was getting really nervous because of she is going into surgery this on Wednesday. We talked about faith and how we can have faith that the Lord will watch over us. She then requested that we giver her a blessing. The blessing went really well. At the end of the blessing she was in tears and said that that was so powerful and that the whole time she felt like she was floating and really warm like someone was hugging her. We were happy that the spirit was recognized and that she was feeling a lot better. We are going tomorrow one more time to see them before she got up to Seattle for the surgery.

We had a lesson again this week with our messianic Jew friend. She is slowly coming around. I can tell you that I have learned a lot from studying for her. I never knew how complex the Law of Moses really is. But in short she does not understand how the law has been fulfilled because it does not say that in the bible. . .  Yeah If I had a dollar for every time someone has said that to me I would be walking away form my mission with a lot of money. The best part is it truly does say all things that we believe in the bible. I have found it. So I never really know what people are talking about when they say that its not in there. . .  because it is.

We had district meeting this last week on how to teach people and not lessons. Its always a really good reminder. I feel like there are times when I am really good at that and times when I struggle. Its hard to always be on your game at all times. To know the needs of the people that you teach. But its a good thing to always remember. We had an awesome sacrament meeting again this last week. There are a lot of really powerful speakers in this ward. A lot of really good experiences that they talk about. It seems like the bishop is having the speakers talk about some topics that are really being stressed on for this day and age. Things like following the prophet and trusting that he really is a true prophet and also the dangers of pornography. It seems like the bishop is really striving to address the needs of the ward members.

I made a PBnJ sandwich the other day and as I went to spread the peanut better this is what happened. . .  I made a wave out of the peanut better. It was really cool. I just had to take a few pictures to always remember the awesome sandwiches that I make. I got that from Ryan actually the king of making sandwiches.

The Yakima Stake had a trek this last week. All the kids came back with fun stories about the adventures that they had. They seemed to have very similar experiences as we did on our trek. Kids getting ran over by handcarts, and having a blast while working hard in the heat. They actually got rained on the first two days so they had to push through the mud. That sounded not to fun.

Well I guess that is all for this week.

Elder Hansen WKM

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