Week 102

11 Aug

Well, this week was an interesting one. We had some cool things happen to us. We received a referral from a member one day at church. He lived a few streets away from them. So we stopped by after having dinner with them and set up an appointment with him. When we went back he was not home. So we just kept trying by and finally we caught him.  We were able to have a good 10 minute lesson with him. We talked about his life and how he really wants to change. He was homeless for about 6 months of his life and has been kicked out of a lot of places. He dropped out of high school in 9th grade and is now trying to get back into school and change his life around. He went to church when he was younger and wants to get back into things. As we were talking he just paused and said, you know what! I just need to get baptized. I really want to do that. I just need to do it. I wanted to do it when I was younger, but my did would not let me. He was raised by his grandparents and has just had a rough go at life. So we are going to help him take the steps that he needs to change. I know the gospel is truly what is going to change him. I have seen it in others and a ton within myself. I love how when you let it, the gospel truly changes you. You have to let it though.

We had district meeting this last week. We talked a lot about how we can be more effective at talking with people and teaching right away. We did some real plays and tried to talk to someone in under a minute. It was fun but kind of difficult at the same time. We are all making better effort to talk with everyone that we see. I have learned that as we talk with more people we are way happier as missionary. We saw as the whole zone works and talks to everyone we find more people to teach. 

Well, we had exchanges this week. I stayed in the area and I had elder Decker a new missionary come with me. We had some cool stuff happen. I happy about that. We had a good lesson with one of our investigators and we had a member join us. They always help as you know. We talked about faith and how we develop faith. We read Alma 32. I loved the last few verses of that chapter. I didn’t remember how Alma teaches how then once we gain the faith in Christ we need to nourish the seed in help it to grow. I has happy that we had that lesson. They are slowly coming along. We hope they will gain the courage to come to church. 

Well, I have lost all desire at this point to email, Sorry. So short. I will write more next week.

Elder Hansen WKM

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