Week 90

The Yakima Zone had an amazing week this week. We saw some many miracles it was amazing!! First off I am jealous that dad has been able to meet 2 Apostles recently! I love Elder Oaks and Elder Christofferson. They have always been ones that I have enjoyed reading and learning from. I am glad that you had an awesome time with that. I was actually reading his talk about the resurrection earlier today. One of my favorites for sure. So anyways let me fill you in about what went down this week. So yesterday we had a little time before dinner so we went and tried by some people that we had previously talked with. We went to go and see a man by the name of Jim. We knocked on his door, but his daughter answered instead. We asked if he was there and she went to go and see. She came back and said that he was busy getting the pool ready so that the family could go swimming in a few days. So we decided to talk with her and see what her life story was. We were able to find out that she lives just down the road and has 3 kids and is married. She told us that she had not gone to church her whole life and that she just recently wanted to go to church so she had been attending a different church for about a month. She told us that it is all new and that she likes the way that she feels when she goes to church. We asked what she knew about the church and she said that she didn’t know anything about the church. We were able to talk with her about the Book of Mormon and about prayer. She was very interested and invited us to come back later that week because she would like to learn more. It was awesome. We were able to teach her how to pray and she was even able to say the prayer before we left to go to dinner. It was an amazing opportunity. She seems really ready to learn more and to accept the message that we share. We were very happy with that.

The other day we took a few priests out with us to cover more ground. I took one of them with me and we went and tried a referral that we received a few weeks back. He lived really far away so we could never find the time to get out to the area. None the less we got out there and we tried his house. His dad was outside and told us that he was not home but that we could try by on Saturday because that is when he is most likely to be home. We realized that he lived really close to a less active family that we had not met yet so we drove around the corner and tried by them. The wife came to the door and she said that they didn’t have time right then to talk but that you could try by another time to meet with them. We get that answer a lot. So as we were walking back to the car I thought to myself, we are never out here so we should knock a few of the doors and see if anyone is interested. So, we stared and knocked the 4 other doors in the area. The first 2 people were not interested at all, and then we talked to the last 2. The first guy gave us some time and was really nice. He said at the end that he was really interested in learning more. We invited him to read a pamphlet and pray about the message and he agreed to do that. We then walked to the next trailer and waited for someone to come to the door.  No one came and so we were walking out to go back to our car and we saw all of them standing by their cars. We went over and the man of the family said that they did not have much time, but to come back tomorrow at noon and we could talk. So that is what we did. The next day we went back and we were able to have a really good lesson about the restoration. He believes in evolution but is still open the idea of having a higher power. We talked about the prophet and he asked how do I know that this man is really a prophet. We love questions like those. We were able to talk about prayer and that is how we come to know of truth. It was awesome. We were able to set up another time to meet with him. What I learned is to never hesitate acting on a prompting. I had the thought to go and knock on the doors, but I kind of put it off at first, then got in the car and it came again and I said, well I can not let any prompting go unfollowed. It was cool to see how the Lord is always guiding us to find the people that are open to learn.

Remember the house I told you about with all of the stuff in the yard we were helping move. Well we did more service for this man and we have actually become good friends. On our way back from taking a load of things over to his new place we started talking to him about what we do as missionaries and how we would really love to start working with his family.  He said that he was open to that and the he would “give it a whirl”. We were happy to see that. We will go by and see him later in the week as well. One of his favorite lines as we are working is, are you hungry yet, because he always loves to take us out to get food when we go over and help. So he took us to this really good bbq place right down the road from where he lives. Everyone knows him there because he comes so often. It was fun to get to know him more over lunch as well.

We had stake correlation meeting this last week so it was quite an adventure to put all of the things together for the report. Come to find out that there are a lot of people in the stake that are ready to get baptized and will be baptized in the coming weeks. We are so excited to be able to see so many of our brothers and sisters accept the gospel and come unto Christ. The stake president was very happy as well with all of that. He loved the report and is very excited to see these people come unto Christ.

We got a call a few weeks ago from one of the awesome ward missionaries in the ward that we work in. She said that she knows a less active part member family that is ready to start meeting with us. Apparently their grandpa died recently and were kind of taking it hard. The mom wanted us to meet with the boys and teach them about the plan of salvation. So we met with them a few days later and it was a good visit. The boys are not members of the church but they seem somewhat interested in learning. We talked about meeting with the whole family so that we could start teaching the dad who is not a member as well. We are excited for that. We will see them later on in the week as well. It seems like the Lord has really answered all of our prayers this last week as a zone. Every companionship has been working hard to find, teach and baptize. It has been cool to see the many blessing that have followed as we have been acting in faith.

Okay so I would not be a good missionary and followed up on a few things, Have you shared that video about Christ with someone yet? Have Abby, Ella and Maddie watched the videos I sent this last week? I am so happy to see that you have played such a vital role in the life of Sister Giordano. I know for a while it had its ups and downs but I know that the Lord was guiding you and He was able to use you as an instrument in your hand because of your faithfulness. That is something I was always impressed with. You were and are always doing the right thing. You always are reading scriptures and qualifying yourself for the blessing of the spirit to lead and guide you. It will always be with you when you do that. It’s crazy that Alison and Jeff have moved again! So many things have changed since I have been gone. It’s all been good though. Keep pushing forward. I know it’s hard that everyone keeps talking about the move. I know that you can endure to the end and find that the new place on where you are living is where the Lord wants you to be.

Oh so I got what called my “trunky” call this last week. The office staff ask you a bunch of questions about what your plans are for coming home and what not. I told Sister Benson that I will be flying in to Orlando so you can plan of me there. I think they will be sending you the flight information in the coming weeks. Don’t tell me anything about them though. I just want to push to the end. I still don’t know what I am doing about my homecoming talk yet. I will let you know when I decide. Sorry about that. Well I think that is all for this week. I hope you enjoy your date on your good old son in Washington.

Oh one more awesome story! This just came to me. So we are working with a part member family and the wife is the member. We go over about every other week and share messages because the husband is open to that. As we were thinking about what to share the thought came to me that we are to share the Mormon message “Hope you know we are Having a Hard Time.”  We didn’t know why that needed to be the message but we shared it anyways. Come to find out that their son was going through a rough time and needed some help. He is not a member and his mom has been trying to find ways to introduce the gospel to him. A few days prior to our visit she was talking with him about how the church puts out some awesome uplifting videos that he might like. She didn’t know which one to share but when she showed her that video she knew that was the one for him. We were so happy about that. Okay that is the last story of the amazing week that we had.

Love Elder Hansen

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Week 89

It was a lot of fun to able to see you again. It’s crazy that was the last time I will Skype with the family before I get home. I guess I need to tell you about the week that I had this last week. One that I will never forget. Okay so we had to travel down to the Tri-cities to go to MLC. This was an adventure to say the least. We went down the night before and we stayed the night at the AP and Kennewick Zone Leaders apartment. I used to live there by the way. It was cool to get back into it all. Anyway we get there and it’s always a blast to see your old mission buddy’s again. Elder Snow, Elder Hatch, Elder Heldt, and many others. I love seeing old companions. Anyway, it was a lot of fun to be able to catch up on their lives and their plans after the mission. We all seem to be heading home soon. Elder Snow and another missionary that he came out with were talking about all their plans after the mission. They head home in like 3 weeks or something like that. It was sad to realize that they are going home soon. So we talked and that was the night. So the next morning we woke up and got ready for the day then headed off to the meeting. It was a power packed meeting full of the spirit. We were able to set goals and talk about the needs of the mission. We talked a lot about acting in faith and raising our eye of faith. President Ware talked a lot about what he and Sister Ware learned at Mission President’s Seminar. Elder Cook was there and apparently a lot of the brethren there had really good things to say about the mission. It was good to hear that. We have been finding a lot of success as a mission and I guess the General Authorities are following what we are doing as a mission. It made us all feel good. We had a really good lunch and then after that we went in for some more training. We are always waiting in anticipation for the part of the meeting that gets harder and harder every month — departing testimonies. Some of my biggest heroes of the mission had to speak that day and it was hard. Elder Free was the first to get up and he talked about what he felt was important to say. He shared his experience with his first day in the MTC and why he kept his orange dot on the back of his tag. It was powerful. Next Elder Davis got up and he talked about his favorite scripture and how the meaning behind it has changed as he has grown on his mission.  Next Elder Snow got up. Of course it was powerful. He testified on so many things that as affected him on his mission. Last of all Elder Barham got up and talked about his experience as a missionary. He is sad to go because his favorite part of being a missionary is being able to help other people. I would have to say that is my favorite part as well. All of these testimonies were given through tear filled eyes and trying as hard as they can to stay composed. It just rips your heart out. It’s an amazing experience though one I hope I will never forget.

After the meeting I went and I got my temple recommend renewed like I mentioned yesterday and then we were off to Yakima ready to start preparations for Zone Meeting the following Saturday. We all prepared and were excited for this meeting. We were really wanting everyone to come ready to learn from the spirit and from what President Ware wanted us to talk about. The zone we are in is so awesome. We all desire to get the work done and do what the Lord would have us do. This is the first time I have seen a Zone so convicted towards our purpose and missionaries as well and becoming more converted to our Savior and His doctrine. They all came and were sitting quietly waiting for the meeting to start. We started and had an awesome meeting. We discussed what the Lord wants next for us as a zone and the directions that we need to take to get it there. It’s been awesome. The spirit has been here in great abundance as we all try and sanctify ourselves to the work. We have found as we do that, we feel the spirit more and revelation comes way more to us. Then when we act on those promptings, we are blessed to help lives change. It’s awesome. I was asked to give the training on the parable of the talents and how that relates to us a missionaries. It was fun to help the missionaries see the potential that they have and how as long as they make some progression and do all they can to improve it does not matter how far that growth might be we are always promised the same blessing. The one that had 5 and got 5 more and 2 that grew 2 more were given the same blessing in the end. They were given the opportunity to enter into the joy of the Lord. The one who did not do anything with his talents was cast out into “outer darkness”. The Lord does not expect perfection, but progression.

So random thought. I was pondering the other day about the youth and what makes a big difference in the youth that we serve around. What I have realized is the youth that are out and about being awesome examples and are living righteous principles are the ones that take the time during the day to study the scriptures on there own. That is one of the biggest differences. So Maddie, Abby and Ella — whether you read this or not, I pray that you take the time each day to partake of your daily bread and see what the Lord has in store for you in your life. This will make all the difference in the world. If I would have clued into this earlier I feel that I would have protected myself from making some poor choices. I know that being a youth is hard and there is a lot of things that come up that try and rip you form the truth. Stay firm and steadfast in the gospel and it will protect you and help you do what is right, always.

Well I really do love you all. I wish I would have pondered a little more about what I wanted to say yesterday but I guess we will be able to talk when I get home about how I have changed. That is quite a loaded question, because it is sometimes hard to recognize the growth in yourself. I will pray about what will be best for me upon my return home and let you know in the weeks to come.

Love Elder Hansen WKM

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Week 88

Well, I am glad that you all have had an awesome week. I love getting fed spiritually. It is the best thing in the world. Okay so this last week had been full of finding, finding and more finding. It’s been an awesome thing though. We have been able to see so many miracles this last week. Here are a few of them.

On Monday we were trying by some people that we had not met on the ward list and we came across a family who have a few sons that live with them that were not members of the church due to being less active for a majority of their lives. We knocked on the door and the father of the family opened the door, invited us in and greeted us with a hug. We all sat down in the living room and started talking and getting to know each other. We were able to talk for quite a while about his life and how he is a convert to the church and really wants to start getting back into the church. We were able to talk with one of the sons that lives there about the church and his experience previously was with the missionaries in the area. We started talking about the gospel and specifically about the Book of Mormon. The spirit entered the room and it was so strong. Even the son who was not a member could feel it and recognized it. We were able to talk about the importance of coming to know that the book is true. We got another appointment and will go and see him tonight. We are praying that we will be able to meet with him and help him come closer to our savior Jesus Christ.

I love how the Lord works with each and every one of us. There are so many experiences where we are at the right place at the right time. We felt that we needed to go see a family this week that is near impossible to see due to the busy work life. Their home teacher has been their home teacher for about 2 years and has never got in with them. We went and knocked on the door and low and behold the mom was home. We were able to talk with her at the door and made a really cool connection because she grew up in California. She is actually not a member of the church but is open to learning when we find time to do that. It’s been tough to get in, but I know that it can be done. We are working on a short time span because she has met with missionaries in the past and as soon as one of them gets transferred she does not want to meet because she get attached and what not. I hope this will work out.

We had very funny move the other day. We met a man who needed help and so we traveled out to the farm land where he lived. He had a ton of stuff and a ton of land. He also moved at the speed of a snail not even joking. He had met with missionaries a long time ago and so we were able to talk as we moved things from his house to the different places that he was moving. He told us some really funny stuff. He told us that no matter what you do for a living always have a small business so that you can get a tax write off.  He talked about all the things that he has been involved in — selling wood to restaurants all over Washington,  making things,  selling antlers off of elk and other animal parts and skulls. After we moved some things we went back to his property and went through piles of things that he has and organized them. The funny part of the move was the fact that it could of taken us just about an hour to do all this, but the fact that he moved so slow it took us like 3 hours. It was funny as well because every other minute he wanted to know if we were getting hungry so that we could take a break and have some lunch. That was funny

We got a call the other night from some members asking for some help moving a giant Jacuzzi off of a deck and move it to anther property. This thing was like 700 pounds and it was on a 2nd story deck to a trailer down the skinny stairway. We and 3 other big men from the ward had to tip it to drain all the remaining water and then carry it down the stairs. It was an adventure to say the least. Elder Adling and I don’t think that we were much help because the other brothers in the ward were big and did a lot of the lifting. We were there for moral support. What a good adventure.

So about the Facetime. We were thinking around 6:30 or 7 pm. I hope that will work for you. We will be able to do face time. We have only be given 40 minutes this time to talk so I hope that is okay. Make sure that you are ready with good questions and what not ha. You know the drill. I am excited to see you again. Yet I really have not thought about it all that much. The members keep asking if we are excited, we keep forgetting about it. But we will call the night before.

Well I think that is all for this week

Love Elder Hansen WKM

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Week 87

Hello from Yakima!! It’s an awesome place. There are a lot of different things about this area than the tri-cities area that is for sure. We cover a really big area. There is a ton of farm land and back wood areas! Last night after dinner the members that fed us took us out to see the bees that they raise up for the honey. I had no idea how much went into beekeeping. Every once and a while they like to just leave the hive they are in and find a new place so the members have to go and find where they are and then extract the queen bee and take it back. It was a really crazy process. So cool though. I never knew how much of a science it is behind bees. They said that each stack produces around 100 pounds of honey and they had like 20 stacks or something like that. They were saying that they are trying to raise more queen bees because they can be sold to other people to start up a new hive and they cost like 20 dollars for 1 of them. Each hive can produce a lot of them so they just go in and pull them out when they are ready and sell it to the farmers and others who use the bees to pollinate their crops.

Yakima is a very agricultural place. There are apple trees everywhere that you look. It is very beautiful out here. I don’t know it if truly is the “Palm Springs” of Washington, but it is a really nice place. At least our area is. We live with members. They are a really good family. He is a physical therapist and has two sons one is on a mission in Brazil and the other is still in high school. We live in their basement as well — just like our last house I lived in. The ward is huge as well. There are rumors about splitting and making a new one. We don’t know how soon that will be if it even happens. They would most likely need to build another building to have the new ward go. So we will see about that.

My new companion’s name is Elder Adling. He is from Orange County California — more specifically La Palma which is right by Knotts Barry Farm. He has been out for a little under a year and is loving the work. He is an awesome missionary and is very excited to get the work rolling. We are currently in a huge state of finding at the moment. We have been finding a lot the past few days and we have had some cool stories already.

We were walking last night to go and see a potential investigator that we had on a list. She lived right next to another lady that missionaries had previously taught a little, but nothing came of it. So while we were walking up to the potential investigator the lady next door just randomly opens the door. We saw her and said hi and went over and started to talk with her. She was a really funny lady who is retired and goes to the catholic church. We were able to talk with her for about an hour on the door step. We talked with her about what we do as missionaries and she had a million questions so it was awesome. She liked how we worked and what we stood for. She became very curious and said that she wanted to come and check out our church this next week. The best thing that she said was this. “Hey wouldn’t it be cool if I became Mormon”. We all laughed at that and said that would be the coolest thing ever! Elder Adling did an awesome job as he taught with power and authority. He is an awesome missionary.

A few nights ago we stopped by an inactive lady who had not been to church in like 20 or 30 years. We were able to talk with her about the gospel. She had just recently moved up to Yakima from Oregon and she was ready to start coming back to church. She came yesterday to church and loved it!! She said that she just felt so happy to be there and that she was planning on coming a lot more now. The Relief Society stepped in and helped out a lot. They took her to class and was able to help her feel welcome at church. This ward is really active in missionary work. There are a few people that have been going to church for like a year and are not baptized yet. Elder Adling and I were so curious on why that was. We have been asking around to see if they have been taught. Then at church this last week we had some good news that both of them are starting to open up and are ready to have the lessons. So we will be able to see some more amazing things happen the next few weeks.

I am excited to see that you have Woman’s Conference this next week. It will be a good one no doubt. I can’t believe Madeline is going to be 18 tomorrow. That was really good that you had a surprise birthday party. I bet she really liked it. Happy Birthday Madeline!!!! Welcome to adulthood. All that changes is now you have to deal with a whole lot more things. So have fun with that. Getting old used to be awesome when you were a kid, but now its lame. You have to make big life decisions and what not. When you rely on the Lord and follow his direction and counsel you will always make the right decision. I have seen this happen in my life time and time again.

Well I guess to answer your question I know I fly to you all on the 26th of August 2014. I don’t know much more than that.

Well I guess that is all the news for now.

Love Elder Hansen

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Week 86

Well this has been good week for sure. I am so thankful for the Atonement. I have grown to love it even more this Easter season. We had some really good sacrament meetings yesterday. We have been in this competition the past few weeks with other parts of the ward singing in primary. It was formed after the March Madness competition and the winner of the competition got to sing with the primary in sacrament meeting. When the primary chorister told us we were part of the competition and that it was rigged so that the bishopric was going to win no matter what — we told ourselves that we were going to not let that happen no matter what. So the word got out each week as we first battled the young men, and then won. The next week we battled the primary and beat them as well and we made it to the finals last week. So we went up against the bishopric and there was a little twist in the contest. We had to sing a primary song while using a nose whistle. We went in first and did amazing. Then the bishopric went in and I guess knew that it was rigged and so they thew the contest and did really bad. So guess what! We got to sing with the primary last week. It was so fun! The primary always treats us like super heroes it’s so funny. The best part was that the primary chorister knew they threw it so he changed the rules and the bishopric had to sing as well. It was so funny. So that was one of the funny things that happened this last week.

So I did get the package that you sent me. It was awesome. Thank you so much. I just need to figure out what I am going to do with all that candy that makes me really sick. I don’t know what it is but the further I have gotten on my mission the more I have realized that processed sugar does not agree with my body all that well. So I have been giving most of it to Elder Walton throughout the day. He loves it. So it seems to be working out really well. I am glad that I got the yo-yo though. I am just going to add that to the long list of random things that I have picked up on the mission. Along with ping pong, doing play by play for basketball, flinging cards across the room and many other things.

So I would not be a very good missionary if I did not follow up to see if you shared that video that I left the link to? I want to hear how that went next week. The church paid for that to be put on the front cover of YouTube for Easter Sunday. I really want to know how much money that would be. The church is really pushing to use the internet and other things to share the gospel it’s so awesome.

So we had a baptism this last week. Actually 2 to be exact. Megan is the 11 year old and I have been able to teach her since I got into the area. I also started teaching Rowdy when I got here and then partway through us teaching him we handed him over to the YSA sisters so that he could have more friends and things along those lines. So we were excited to have those this weekend. I love seeing people enter the waters of baptism. It’s one of the most rewarding things that we have on this earth I feel. We get to be reborn. We get a new start. Each of us have the opportunity to change and be better each week as we do all that we can to remember and follow him.

So we have had a horrible thing happen to our companionship. I am getting transferred. I am so sad, but excited for the change. I am leaving the tri-cities as well. That is another weird thought. I am getting transferred up to Yakamah. Its considered the “Palm Springs” of Washington. I am serving with another missionary from California and he surfs as well so things are looking up! He has been out for about a year I think. I am sad to say goodbye to all of the amazing members that I have had the chance to work with. It will be a good change for me though. Something other then being in the same city for over a year. I feel like I am traveling down to the place of my death. It is so sad to think that so I don’t really think about that. BTW I am sending 2 boxes home. Full of stuff that I don’t need and that is taking up way to much stuff in my bag.

So we had an awesome Easter dinner. There were over 40 people there and that included a former mission president and a member of the temple presidency.  As we were about to leave they requested that we share an Easter message. It was a little intimidating standing in front of all those people talking about our Savior but it was an awesome experience. Those things I will never forget. I always feel the spirit when I talk about my Savior. I love him so much.

I am glad that your talk went so well. I was praying for you. I know you feel like you never do a good job, but you always do. Just remember that comparison is the thief of joy. I am excited to hear that Ella is getting her black belt. Elder Walton is also a black belt. So he was excited to hear you are testing for it.

Well I think that is all this week. Well this is the last time in the Richland BOMB zone.

Elder Hansen



Spencer, Elder Walton, Megan and her family


Rowdy and Spencer

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Week 85

Well this is funny that you should ask that question. I have been thinking a lot about this question as of late. We had our temple trip today and I had a very interesting thought come into my mind. I have been working through some things this last week of how to be a better servant of Christ and things along those lines. I go through waves of these thoughts every once and I while. I think we all do at times. So I went to the temple with these thoughts in mind. While I was sitting in the celestial room pondering on things the scripture that came to my mind was when it says — when you draw nigh unto me I will draw nigh unto you. That is not a direct quote by any means. So I have been thinking about how we draw ourselves unto Christ. I felt like I then needed to open up to 2 Nephi Chapter 31. I learned that when we use the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives and repent daily and live worthy of the Spirit, when we strive each day to do the right thing, learn of Him, understand who he is and love Him, you have just done it. You have drawn nigh unto Him.

How have I come to know my Savior? I feel for me that the biggest way that I have been able to do this is by truly being able to walk in his shoes. Now I know that I am not the Savior or will never amount to Him in many ways, but serving a mission has given me an amazing view into the life of our Savior. I have been persecuted for what we believe and stand for. I have been yelled at, mocked, laughed at, and “proven wrong”. We  have been called Satan, of the devil, devil worshipers, and a cult. We have been condemned to hell on many occasions and have had many prayers given in our behalf for our “salvation.”  We have had things thrown at us, people cursing us for the sake of our Savior Jesus Christ. We have been told that we don’t believe in Jesus. We have spent many countless hours on our knees pleading for help and strength to find the one. Prayed to get to know Him and studied his will. We have fasted and prayed oft for strength and love for the people that we serve.  We have felt his love flow over us. We have felt His direction and help. We have seen his hand every day in this work. We have been able to lift of the weary, strengthen the weak. Fill a room with the spirit. Quench the thirst of those who are ready for the gospel. Only by and through Him. We have been able to help people change. Help others gain faith in Him who never knew him. We have been able to see lives change and miracles happen as we have served in His name. We have been forgiven time and time again and helped others to feel that same strength and love that is only brought through Him. I have seen countless people grow to love him by living his gospel. We have spent many hours pondering over the scriptures and Preach my Gospel, practicing and re-practicing teaching so that we could be the best teachers that we could be. What I have learned is that if we are truly going to come to know Him we need to truly “take up our cross and follow Him.” We need to live what he taught. We need to truly follow Him. I have seen as I have been striving every day to have or develop the attributes of Christ that slowly over time I have changed. I have in all these moments grown to love Him even more. We need to walk as he walked and do as he did and live how he lived and loved how we loved. We need to pray every day for this blessing. When we do these things and lose ourselves for His name sake we will truly find our lives. We will be morphed and changed into what God intended us to be. We will become like him. I love the hymn I walked today where Jesus walked.  I could keep going on forever on this topic, but I feel like this should be enough. Feel free to share any and or all of this if you feel so inspired to do so.

As I have been thinking and getting ready for this weekend I have been overwhelmed with the feeling of gratitude for my Savior. If you have not already seen this I invite all to watch this video. This is the new Easter campaign for Easter. I know that he lives and loves each and every one of us. I know that He took away the penalty for our sins when we repent and come unto him. When we live and follow the gospel of Jesus Christ. I invite the whole family to share this web-site and any other church material you feel inspired to share with a friend of another faith, or someone who you feel might need it. Will you do that?

This work is real. I know it to be true. Keep following him and know that He loves you more then anyone else. Get to know Him!

Elder Hansen WKM

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Week 84

I guess you did not catch the amazing news this last weekend!! PRESIDENT GREER GOT CALLED TO BE AN AREA 70!!!!!  When they called his name I was jumping for joy and I was so happy. I love President Greer. He is going to be an amazing leader in the church and he has really changed my life in so many ways. I was so happy to see all the missionaries that still remember him just as happy as well. It’s so awesome.

I loved every minute of conference. I don’t even know where to begin. Well I loved Elder Holland’s talk. I have felt in a very similar way to what those sisters have felt. One thing that I have learned from my mission is truly how to love people no matter what they do and who they are. We were talking with one of the ward mission leaders that we work with and we loved how the brethren are always so unified on helping others make the right decision no matter what the worlds “standards” are.   I have had those thoughts my whole mission. It’s been amazing to see how when we follow the spirit we are blessed in so many ways. That is something that I have been really working on. I came with a question of how can I better follow the promptings of the spirit. It takes a lot of faith to do that. It’s what we do as a missionaries all day long. The Doctrine and Covenants tells us that we cannot teach unless we have the spirit so it’s really an important thing. I learned that I need to do my part at understanding the doctrines of the gospel well enough that the Lord can use me in any and all teaching situations. I need to love the people I serve and then act in faith and we will continue to see miracles. We just had one about 5 minutes ago or so. We had a lady come into the family history center and lives in our area. She was baptized at 8 but has not been to church since and wants to get back to church. We just got done talking with her and we were able to have an amazing conversation. She wants her husband to get baptized as well. So we will see where that takes us. I love when things like this happen. Oh by the way I am somewhat upset about the priesthood session. The year that I am not at school the men choir decides to go and sing at conference! It was weird to see them up there. I know a lot of them but there was also some new faces as well. Brother Brower did an amazing job as always and so did brother Kempten.

So I feel so much joy in my heart right now. This week has been a weird one for my emotions to tell you the truth. We had M.L.C. this last week. It was hard because we have departing testimony from the elders and sisters who are leaving that transfer. The groups are full of everyone that I know really well and have to say goodbye to. It’s tough but it’s good at the same time. It’s progression. It’s all part of life. Anyways enough about that.

So I am happy that the house sold. No need to stress or fret about that for now at least. I hope you have fun with spring break. You should have gone and watched conference live! I would of so loved to do that. I hear it’s amazing in person. I loved what President Monson talked about. We really do need to just love everyone. It’s always so much better when we approach it that way. Well at this point I am so overwhlemed with all the stuff I want to share. So It might take me a few weeks to share so sorry.

Well I am out of time need to write president.

Elder Hansen WKM

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